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Are you still figuring out, whether to go with Shifter proxies or not?

Well, while getting started with Shifter.io a few months back I have had the same question.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help and share my experiences with Shifter.io proxies and help you make the right choice.

Shifter proxies are designed to cater all your proxy needs. They offer robust and secure proxies various needs such as — ads verification, sales intelligence, brand protection, web proxy testing, SEO online shopping, and so on.

Since 2012, Shifter.io has been providing quality services and thriving the industry.

This in-depth Shifter.io review includes detailed insights into this proxy network such as — key features & benefits, proxies offered, types of proxies offered, ease of use, pricing plans, the Shifter.io dashboard overview, pros & cons, and more.

Read on the know, whether SmartProxy is the best shot to take or should you look elsewhere.

Shifter.io Review : In a nutshell

Shifter.io is one of the reliable and fast proxies that is grown in the market rapidly. With the features it provides from rotating residential proxies to 24/7 customer support, Shifterproxy has got you covered and gives you all the features of a premium proxy so that your experience is not hindered.

Shifter.io Review

The plans of Shiterproxy are so customizable and so organized that one can easily decide which method he needs to go for. With the three days, money-back guarantee you can easily use the shifter proxy to its best level, and still, if you even don’t like the services of the shifter proxy, you can request a refund within three days. Shifter available with an uptime of 99.99% and provide you a fast speed of 1GB per second.

Shifter.io Key Features & Benefits:

The shifter is a proxy provider company that has been providing its services since 2012, and they have been continuously focusing upon the betterment of their services to meet the expectation of their clients. Here are some of the features of Shifter that have contributed to making the world’s best Proxy provider.
Lets’s check out some of the features and key benefits offered by Shifter.io.

Rotating Residential Proxies: These kinds of proxies are a kind of proxies that regularly change their IPs every 5 minutes, and with every new request you make to the webserver. You are assigned a new IP from a pool of authentic residential IP that has been provided by the ISP. These Proxies are considered the most secure proxies because of their rotating feature.

Unlimited sessions: With the advancement in technology, many websites can track down our sessions and the number of requests we are making. So keeping that in mind, Shifter has engineered its proxies so that no web server can track down your session time and the number of requests so that you can surf through your desired Web page for an unlimited time.

Super speeds: No one would like to have a proxy that hinders the speed of their web page or lags too much. But with Shifter, you not only get to experience speed but also at the same time you can monitor your download and upload speed.

Present in major cities and significant countries: Shifter has wisely chosen their location in towns and countries where you can experience the fullest of Shifter proxies. These cities and states are famous and can be quickly pinged.

Advanced control panels: The shifter has advanced control panels that can give you a complete overview of your proxy system and all the bandwidths being provided.

24/7 customer support: Shifter is always at standby for its clients. Shifter always has been responsive and solution-oriented to solve the problems for its customer. You can either send a mail to Shifter for the bottleneck that you are facing, and Shifter will try to revert as soon as possible to clear the problem the client is facing.

3-days money-back guarantee: Shifter provides you with three days money-back guarantee by giving you three days paid trial. If you don’t like the services that are being offered by Shifter, then you can ask for your refund within 3-days.

How does Shifter.io work?

Whenever you hit a website name or a link in the search box, you make a GET request to the server that is forwarded to the proxy server. The proxy server encrypts the data packets ensuring that the data packet is only meant to be admitted from your IP address.

In this way, Shifter acts as a barrier between or a filter so that you receive the information that is meant for you only. It makes a safe tunnel between your device and the web server so that no middle man or a server is necessary for forwarding your request.

Getting Started With Shifter: The Registration Process

If you are thinking of buying this plan and trying it out for your business purpose, or shopping purpose, etc., you will have to register yourself on the official website of Shifter, where you would be provided with a subscription plan, and it’s a specification.

Here are some simple steps on how you can register yourself to buy this fantastic set of Proxy plan:

  • Visit the official website of Shifter or click on the link that has been provided below.
  • Once you have landed on the official page, click on ‘Order Now’ in the top left corner of your desktop web page.
  • You will be redirected to a Sign-up page where you are supposed to fill in your necessary details for registration like Personal details and Account details and also make sure that you accept the terms and conditions of Shifter to complete the entire process.
  • Once you have filled in all your details, then select your plan and move towards the next process.

If you already have registered on Shifter, then you don’t need to create a new account, you can continue with the existing account you have and can browse/buy the subscription plan you want according to your requirements.

Shifter.io Dashboard: Ease Of Use

The shifter has appended everything in making its dashboard user-friendly. Its panel is so simplified that it gives you a decent idea of your proxy server and the state of it. There are a lot of features that have been added to its dashboard.

In the dashboard, you will be able to access and overview your existing plan, upgrade to another plan, get access to your back-connect proxies, track down your traffic, whitelist your IP, add your targeted website/web servers and many more.

Within the dashboard itself, you will also get a tab for Help and support where you find solutions for the problems that you are facing. You will also be able to track down the amount of data that you have used. The dashboard makes your life and works easy, so you do not have to travel to several links and tabs to find one particular thing.

Types of Proxies Offered By Shifter.io

As we have already discussed the specialties of Shifter and the feature it provides, now it is time to understand the services and the field specs of Shifter so that you know everything before you buy it. Shifter offers you with different kind of proxies, namely:

  • Rotating residential proxy: It is a kind of a proxy that permits you to connect to different proxies for every connection you make by assigning you different IPs from a pool of IPs.
  • Dedicated proxies: also called private proxies, are the kind of proxies that are not shared with anyone else and are meant for one user.
  • Shared proxies: as those proxies that are used by multiple users at one instance of time.

As mentioned before, Shifter not only provides dedicated and shared proxieS but also offers back connect or rotating Residential Proxies, which are one of the fittest kinds of proxies on the internet.

Not only do they provide safer IP masking and diminish the risk of online theft for your IP address, But They can also be utilized to access geo-blocked content. Residential IP addresses comprise an IP address that applies to a resident.

Datacenter IP addresses can be effortlessly recognized because they usually have sequential IP addresses and stand out from the faction of IP addresses. Residential IP addresses can hardly ever be detected, and that is why they have been considered as the most reliable kind of proxies on the internet.

  • Residential proxies: Shifter has spent a significant bomb on Residential Rotating proxies because their Rotating Residential proxies are one of the best and the most secure forms of proxies than the Datacenter proxies.
  • These Residential proxies regularly change their IP addresses after every five minutes and with every new request you make. The new IP’s that you are assigned to you are selected from a pool of many Residential IP that is provided by an authentic ISP. These proxies are the most secure because until the hacker traces you, you would be on another surrogate doing the same work without interruption.
  • Numerous Location: Shifter has got you covered when it comes to choosing your proxies from all around the world with the help of Geo-Rotating Proxies. The various locations under the umbrella of Shifter provide their customer with a wide range to select their favorite place for their proxy network.
  • But there are some constraints when it comes to Shared and Dedicated proxies that Shifter only provides two locations from the United States that is Buffalo and New York.
  • Authorization and IP Refresh: Like all the other leading proxies in the market, Shifter has also focused upon user-privacy and user-authentication. They have two types of user-authentication that can be used to access your proxy from anywhere in the world. The following mentioned are the two types of authentications that can be used:
  1. Username: Password Authentication.
  2. IP authentication.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: There is no such thing, such as ‘Limited Bandwidth’ for Shifter. The shifter has made sure that the client does not face any interruption while surfing through a web page through their proxy. You do not have to pay attention to any kind of data limit while using a proxy with Shifter, which means you can use the proxy to its fullest without any disturbances.

Unlike most other proxy providers, there are no restrictions while using a proxy with Shifter. You can use these            proxies as much as you want without worrying about limits unless you pay for it.

  • Pocket-friendly plans: The pricing of the Shifter proxy plans are non-negotiable because of the quality and the features it provides. All the features offered by Shifter give you a premium experience as if you have to spend thousands of dollars on its subscription. I have included the subscription plan of Shifter in this article itself.

Is Shifter Proxies Are Secure?

When it comes to ‘Security’ Shifter has left no blank spaces for it. The shifter has made sure that all the principles of Information Security are being implemented. The reason behind that is Shifter has Rotating Residential proxies that mean your IP address will be changing every 5 minutes and with every new request you make to the webserver in that manner IP cannot be traced and no hacker can breach into your system

As well as you cannot be nabbed from any website as the webserver won’t be able to track down the number of requests you make and also your session timings, so, in this manner, you can surf as much as you want without being flagged or banned.

Shifter.io Proxies Performance Test

To examine Shifter proxies, we ran a few tests with some of the leading proxies in the market, and no matter what, in whatever situation I put them into, they were always showing comparatively better results than other proxies.

We then compared the test results with the standard test scripts, and we came down to the conclusion that Shifter proxies are not less than any other premium proxies. It didn’t have any flaw during the tests and was always giving it’s best in every parameter.

I can recommend Shifter proxies for Price comparison, Ad verification, Web Scraping, Online Shopping, SEO, Brand Protection, etc. Well, we didn’t do the tests for Social media surfing, but I can assure you that Shifter won’t let you down with that.

Setup Guide

Setting up your Shifter proxy is an effortless task. After buying Residential proxies from Shifter, you are provided with a specific number of ports. Each of these ports can hold the same IP address of maximum time of 5-10 minutes. You can even change the required time in the dashboard itself. However, you can only opt for five websites on which your proxy will work on.

Plans and Pricing.

It would be an injustice for Shifter proxy if I would not discuss its prices and plans. Even though providing the best service and feature, Shifter has its price non-negotiable. With all the security, Customer Support, and all kinds of Proxies, one cannot complain about its price. I have done a teardown of the plans and its pricing for your comfort.

Shifter.io plans

Private Dedicated Proxies: This type of connection is a private connection where you need to pay according to the number of links you purchase. The list is mentioned below:

  • 5 Dedicated Proxies: 25$
  • 10 Dedicated Proxies: 50$
  • 25 Dedicated Proxies: 125$
  • 50 Dedicated Proxies: 250$
  • 100 Dedicated Proxies: 500$
  • 500 Dedicated Proxies: 1250$

Shared Dedicated Proxies: These types of connections are shared once, as the name says. The price and the plans are listed below:

  • 10 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 30$
  • 25 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 50$
  • 50 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 100$
  • 100 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 200$
  • 300 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 600$
  • 500 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 1000$
  • 1000 Shared Dedicated Proxies: 2000$

Backconnect Proxies: These Types of proxies are the most secure form of proxies because of the Backconnect feature. The features of this proxy are mentioned below:

  • 10 Back-connect Proxies: 249.99$
  • 25 Back-connect Proxies: 499.98$
  • 50 Back-connect Proxies: 999.98$
  • 100 Back-connect Proxies: 1999.98$
  • 300 Back-connect Proxies: 4999.98$
  • 500 Back-connect Proxies: 9999.98$
  • 1000 Back-connect Proxies: 19999.98$
  • 2000 Back-connect Proxies: 39999.98$
  • 3000 Back-connect Proxies: 59999.98$
  • 4000 Back-connect Proxies: 79999.98$

Does Shifter offer a free trial?

Being the best proxy provider, it is one of the significant value propositions of Shifter that it does provide a 3-days paid trial. You can test and try Shifter on all grounds for a maximum span of 3-days, and if you are not satisfied with the services it delivers, then you can request a refund within 3-days. Unfortunately, Shifter does not provide Free trials.

I am sure that you won’t be disappointed with Shifter Proxies because they are engineered to deliver quality, and even if you face any difficulty. You can connect to Shifter with its customer support team that is available 24/7 for your service.

Does Shifter offer a money-back guarantee?

Shifter offers a 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee for its services, during this time you can request a full refund if our services are not compatible with your proxy use. I would advise that Shifter is not offering rebates for BTC payments. I will recommend that you initially test the services using PayPal or Credit Card as payment methods.

Customer Support & Documentation

The support staff of Shifter is fantastic. They have a solution for all your needs. The shifter has hired professional technicians for your support, which are available 24/7 around the cloak.

You can contact them by sending them a mail, setting up a short call with the technicians, and you can also read the blogs and articles that have been written by the developers themselves so that they can bridge the gap of the customer to the developer.

You can also follow Shifter on their social media handles as well as you can also visit their Youtube channel to get notified about their latest plans, offers, and updates on their systems.

The staff of Shifter is amazingly fast and responsive, and the solutions they provide to our problems are valid. At the same time, they also guide us patiently throughout the entire process. They also offer tips and tricks at the same time so that our experience can be increased while using Shifter.

Apps and Supported device

While the development of the shifter was going on, the developers made sure that Shifter was platform-independent. Any platform used on it works perfectly fine without any constraints.

All types of applications and all kinds of operating systems are supported by the Shifter, even though it is Linux, Windows, or Mac. The only limitation that comes while using a shifter is that you can only target five websites at one particular time. If you are using Google services, then it will consider that website has.

Is Shifter Legit?

There are situations where the use of the proxy server becomes illegal. A perfect example would be a streaming site. If you are a paid subscriber, then the proxy server won’t be unlawful, but if you are an unpaid subscriber, then the proxy use is considered to be illegal.

There are millions of proxy service providers in the market, and most of them are illegitimate. By using it, you don’t want to put your business in trouble because of data breaches or any cyber attacks.

Pros Of Shifter.io

  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Unlimited session.
  • Affordable plans.
  • Advanced control panels.
  • 3-days money-back guarantee
    Unlimited bandwidth.
  • User-interactive interface.
  • High-Security features.
  • Present in major countries and cities.
  • Rotating Residential proxies: the safest and untraceable proxies.
  • High-Speed Performance: Shifter provides high download and upload speed with no limitation on its use.
  • Customer Support: Responsive Customer support team on standby.
  • HTTP and HTTPs Protocol used.

Cons of Shifter.io

  • It can target only five websites at once.
  • Provides only 2 locations from US New york and Buffalo when it is concerned with Shared and Dedicated Proxies.

The Final Verdict

After reviewing and testing Shifter Proxies, we come down to the conclusion that Shifter is the best premium proxy in the market that provides you all the features that a premium proxy provides. You not only have Shared and dedicated proxies but also Rotating Residential Proxies providing you a safe passage to your website. The customer support team, the 3-days Paid trails, and high-speed performance are just impeccable and non-negotiable at this price point.

But the only major drawback with Shifter is that you can only target five websites at once. However, Shifter has a switch that enables Google service, and by using them, it won’t count them as five targets but one.

You can buy these proxies without any hesitation as I have used it and still use it in my firm, and Shifter has never let me rethink my decision. I will recommend you to go ahead to make your purchase as it will be the best decision for you that you will never regret.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your thoughts about Shifter proxies in the comment section below.

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