10 Best Proxy for Craigslist Posting that Really Works 2024

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How many times have you tried to post an ad on Craigslist and had it rejected?

As frustrating as that can be, it’s also not uncommon. The site has strict guidelines to make sure all ads are legitimate.

This is so people aren’t posting ads to sell stolen goods or something else illegal.
The best way around this is to use a proxy server which allows you to post the ads without being blocked by Craigslist.

But what are proxies? And why do they work?

Craigslist is the roof for all the essential services like job hunting, housing, gigs, sales, and many more. In this case, finding a fast, reliable and comparatively cheaper proxy server that would connect you to Craigslist posting can be an exhausting task. 

So why not save yourself from all the exhaustion, and simply check out the well-curated proxy list?

If so, you have landed on the correct page.

In this article, we have shortlisted the top 10 proxies for Craigslist posting of 2022! 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about proxies and how they work for posting Craigslist ads.

With that being said, let’s dive into the details.

List of Top 10 Best Proxy for Craigslist Posting (The Best of 2022!)

Best Proxy for Craigslist Posting

Get the latest information on the best providers of proxy services


Get the Best Craigslist Proxy Network Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a residential network that provides you with over 40 Million proxies, and as per your preference, you can switch from sticky to rotating sessions.

For instance, if you choose the sticky session then you can use the same IP address for about 30 minutes.

In addition to that, Smartproxy gives you the option to choose whether you want to access a sticky session or a rotating one. Regardless, the servers are always fast, efficient, and reliable. Plus, their interface is quite easy to use.

Key Features

  • Speedy and encrypted IP servers.
  • Gives you the freedom to choose whether you want rotating sessions or sticky.
  • Over 40 Million proxies in over 195+ locations.
  • SmartProxy has a user-friendly dashboard.

Subscription Plan


  • Micro: $75 + VAT/ Month
  • Starter: $200 + VAT/ Month
  • Regular: $400 + VAT/ Month


    • Cleaver: $50 + VAT/ Month
    • Smart: $100 + VAT/ Month
    • Wise: $200 + VAT/ Month
    • Genius: $500 + VAT/ Month

    Search Engine

    • Lite: $100/ Month
    • Basic: $250/ Month
    • Standard: $500/ Month


    • Husler:  $1000 + VAT
    • Dealer:  $2250 + VAT
    • Boss:  $4000 + VAT
    • Kingpin:  $7000 + VAT

    Bright Data

    Bright Data

    Bright Data is a proxy service that provides over 40 million IP addresses from all over the globe; and by using these IP addresses, you get to unblock geo-restricted websites. 

    In addition to that, Bright data collects your details and customizes your dashboard accordingly. And because of this, users receive a much-personalized experience altogether.

    Moreover, what it does is gather all your social data and store it in one place, and lastly, with 100% data encryption.

    Key Features

    • Provides security by 256-bit SSL data encryption and a custom firewall.
    • Massive range of options to choose from the color palettes, widgets, and layouts to build you a dashboard according to your taste.
    • Gathers all your data (through sales, social media, marketing, etc) in one place.
    • Personalized experience to each customer by using their information.

    Subscription Plan

    Bright Data provides 3 subscription plans – so as per your convenience, you can choose from Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly, and Yearly Plan.


    • Data Center: $0.65/ IP + $0.10/ GB
    • Residential:  $17.50/ GB
    • ISP:  $20.00 GB + $0.50/ IP
    • Mobile:  $42.00/ GB

    Monthly Subscription

    • Experimenting:  $300/ Month
    • Starter:  $500/ Month
    • Production:  $1000/ Month
    • Plus:  $3000/ Month

    Yearly Subscription

    • Experimenting: $270/ Month
    • Starter:  $450/ Month
    • Production:  $900/ Month
    • Plus:  $2700/ Month
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    MyPrivateProxy World leading Private Proxies provider

    Just like the name suggests, MyPrivateProxies provides you with private proxies. And using these SEO-optimized proxies and their VPN services as well, you get connected to instant IPs with endless bandwidths and several location preferences.

    In addition to that, MyPrivateProxy provides you with several locations (like Los Angelos, New York, Frankfort, etc) to choose from with authenticated usernames and IP addresses even.

    Moreover, you receive both shared and private proxies as well.

    Key Features

    • Multiple servers (locations) to choose from.
    • Provides you with private as well as shared proxies.
    • Is optimized with SEO.
    • Authentication of IP as well as username.

    Subscription Plan

    • MPP 1 – $2.49/ PM
    • MPP 5 – $11.75/ PM
    • MPP 10 – $23.70/ PM
    • MPP 20 – $44.20/ PM
    • MPP 50 – $87.50/ PM
    • MPP 100 – $165/ PM
    • MPP 200 – $325/ PM
    • MPP 500 – $750/ PM
    • MPP 1000 – $1400/ PM
    • MPP 2000 – $2500/ PM
    • MPP Ticketmaster – $390/ PM


    buy pro

    BuyProxies provides your share as well as anonymous proxies with many servers from all over the world such as the USA, UK, Germany, etc. It is available at your service 24/7 and delivers you proxies within a few minutes of payment. 

    In addition to that, BuyProxies manages the seamless flow of the user traffic without the server crashing in the middle of you accessing it.

    Moreover, the platform is search engine optimized as well.

    Key Features

    • 24/7 available at your service.
    • Several servers to choose from.
    • To prevent crashing, BuyProxies balances the user traffic.
    • SEO optimized.

    Subscription Plan

    • 05 Dedicated Proxies:  $10/ Monthly.
    • 10 Dedicated Proxies:  $20/ Monthly.
    • 20 Dedicated Proxies:  $40/ Monthly.
    • 30 Dedicated Proxies:  $50/ Monthly.
    • 40 Dedicated Proxies:  $64/ Monthly.
    • 50 Dedicated Proxies:  $80/ Monthly.
    • 60 Dedicated Proxies:  $96/ Monthly.
    • 70 Dedicated Proxies:  $112/ Monthly.
    • 80 Dedicated Proxies:  $125/ Monthly.  
    • 90 Dedicated Proxies:  $140/ Monthly.
    • 100 Dedicated Proxies:  $150/ Monthly.


    GeoSurf provides you access to content from over 110 locations. And you can even target multiple regions by using this tool if you run ad campaigns. 

    Moreover, GeoSurf is 100% mobile responsive and is available 24/7 at your service.

    In addition to that, the interface of GeoSurf is quite user-friendly, as it is 100% mobile responsive with excellent security. 

    Key Features

    • Easy to use interface.
    • It displays essential data that is stored in the website ads.
    • High-end security and 24/7 reliability.
    • Compatible with mobile devices.

    Subscription Plan

    GeoSurf provides you with 3 subscription plans – so as per your convenience, you can choose from Starter, Professional, Plus.

    • Starter:  $450/ Month
    • Professional:  $900/ Month
    • Plus:  $2000/ Month


    Proxy-N-VPN offers you shared proxies that prevent you from cyber abusers.

    They provide you with immense security and unique IPs by which you can nonchalantly browse geo-restricted content and be rest assured of not being hacked.

    In addition to that, Proxy-N-VPN’s service is so on point: be it a money-back guarantee, fast delivery, or even available for you all day- all night. You name it, they got it!

    Key Features

    • Easy to use interface.
    • Three days money-back guarantee.
    • 24/7 available at your service.
    • Delivery within minutes.

    Subscription Plan

    • Private Proxies: $2.35/ Month.
    • Shared Proxies: $11/ Month.
    • Social Media Proxies: $2.80/ Month.
    • Classified Ad Proxies: $3.00/ Month.


    SOAX — Residential Mobile Proxies

    SOAX provides you over 8.5 Million proxies that are not only clean but also frequently updated for your efficient experience.

    These proxies are filtered by the area of location and your referred network as well.

    In addition to that, SOAX is quite user-friendly, as it not only provides you with well-suited proxies but also connects you to a reliable IP address and any location that you prefer.

    Key Features

    • Provides you with Global residential (whitelisted) IP addresses.
    • Your proxies get filtered through country preference.
    • Easy to use interface.
    • The proxies instantly connect you with reliable IPs.

    Subscription Plan

    SOAX provides you with two subscription plans, so as per your convenience, you can choose from Residential Plan and Mobile Plan.

    Residential Plan

    • Micro:  $75/ Month.
    • Starter:  $130/ Month.
    • Plus:  $550/ Month.
    • Regular:  $700/ Month.

    Mobile Plan

    • Micro:  $70/ Month.
    • Starter: $165/ Month.
    • Plus:  $310/ Month.
    • Regular:  $580/ Month.

    High Proxies

    High Proxies Promo Code

    High Proxies offers you specially designed proxies for social media platforms that are reliable, efficient, and surprisingly cheap. And the datacenters of these proxies are present in locations such as Germany, the US, Netherland, Italy, and many more.

    In addition to that, High Proxies provides you with full privacy, multiple servers to choose from, and endless bandwidth. Plus, they are available for you at all times.

    Key Features

    • 24/7 available at your service.
    • 100% security, as all your proxies would be anonymous.
    • Over 100 proxies daily with endless bandwidth.
    • Provides you with multiple data centers for high replication.

    Subscription Plan

    • 1 Social Media Proxy: $3.20/ Month.
    • 5 Social Media Proxy: $15/ Month.
    • 10 Social Media Proxy: $28/ Month.
    • 25 Social Media Proxies: $70/ Month.
    • 50 Social Media Proxies: $135/ Month.
    • 100 Social Media Proxies: $260/ Month.

    Storm Proxies

    With over 2 Million rotating proxies in over 100 countries with zero risk and a high success rate, StormProxies is growing more than ever! In addition to that, it provides you with 5% off on promo code 5OFFSTORM.

    In addition to that, Storm Proxies offers you their excellent service, by not only being available at your service at any given time but also fast delivery, a money-back guarantee, and endless bandwidth as well.

    Key Features

    • Instant delivery after the payment.
    • Provides anonymous proxies with endless bandwidth.
    • Money-back guarantee within 24 hours.
    • 24/7 available at your service.

    Subscription Plan

    Dedicated Rotating Proxies

    • 40 Threads: $39/ Month.
    • 80 Threads: $59/ Month.
    • 150 Threads: $97/ Month.

    Residential Rotating Proxies

    • 05 Ports Residential Proxies: $50/ Month.
    • 10 Ports Residential Proxies: $90/ Month.
    • 20 Ports Residential Proxies: $160 Month.
    • 50 Ports Residential Proxies: $300/ Month.

    Sneaker Sites Residential Proxies

    • 20 Ports Sneaker Proxies: $160/ Month.
    • 50 Ports Sneaker Proxies: $300/ Month.
    • 100 Ports Sneaker Proxies: $550/ Month.
    • 200 Ports Sneaker Proxies: $900/ Month.

    Tickets Sites Residential Proxies

    • 20 Ports Tickets Proxies: $160/ Month.
    • 50 Ports Tickets Proxies: $300/ Month.
    • 100 Ports Tickets Proxies: $550/ Month.
    • 200 Ports Tickets Proxies: $900/ Month.


    ProxyGuys provides you with over 60 Million US-based mobile IP locations with endless bandwidth and location switch (if you want).

    In addition to that, ProxyGuys provides you with up to 60 Mbps download speed.

    In addition to that, ProxyGuys provides you with several server options with up to 60 MBPS internet connection and is available for you at any given time.

    Moreover, it even gives you full freedom if you want to change your IP and you can do it within seconds.

    Key Features

    • 24/7 available at your service.
    • Up to 60 Mbps download speed.
    • Over locations with up to 9 million IP addresses.
    • You can switch your IP address within a few seconds.

    Subscription Plan

    • Multilocation 24 Hours Pass: $20.
    • Multilocation Week Pass: $80/ Week.
    • Multilocation Month Pass: $300/ Month.
    • Multilocation Bulk Order: $1125/ Month.
    • Single Location Monthly Pass: $300/ Month.

    Best Proxy for Craigslist Posting Guide : Final Verdict!

    Gone are the days, when you had to separately track websites for house hunting, cool gigs, or even random sales on your favorite products.

    On today’s date, Craigslist posting is a roof to everything!

    That’s why, to help you easily connect with Craigslist, we have compiled a list of top 10 proxies for Craigslist in the article above.

    We hope you found our post informative. Though in case of any queries, do reach out to us in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    (FAQS) Related to Best Proxy for Craigslist Posting

    What is the best Craigslist proxy?

    Because of its personalized experience, complete security, and over 40 million IP addresses to choose from – Bright data is ranked as the best proxy for Craigslist in 2022!

    Moreover, it not only keeps all of your data in one place but also gives you plenty of design resources like color palette, widgets, layouts to choose from and customize the dashboard accordingly (explains the personalized experience).

    How to hide IP addresses on Craigslist?

    To hide your IP address on the Craiglist, you can either use a proxy or VPN even. However, every day at least thousands of IPs are used through VPNs, and in some cases, it gets block even. So, the best choice here would be to use a proxy.

    Now, to do so, go through our list above and choose any preferable proxy, we’ll recommend Bright Data.Once you open the window, sign up on the platform and choose your subscription plan. Further, proceed with the payment, and voila! – you can now successfully hide your IP address on Craigslist.

    What are some of the best proxy platforms?

    Bright Data, MyPrivateProxy, and SmartProxies are some of the best proxy platforms as all of them are SEO optimized and provide you with several location servers, affordable subscription plans, private as well as shared proxies.

    Moreover, you also receive full security and 24/7 reliable service.

    Are our free proxy sites safe?

    As per the analysis by Christian Hascheck, there is no guarantee of free proxies to be fully safe. However, you can always opt for a free trial account and fortunately, it doesn’t ask for your credit card details even. 

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