WTFast Promo Code

WTFast Promo Code

Thanks to its top-notch services with affordable subscription plans, WTFast happens to be the best-optimized network in the gaming world! 

But despite the affordable price range, WTFast is kind enough to offer you a few percent off on each of the subscription plans. What’s more, you will also get a 7 days free trial as well. So if you’re tired of your relentless quest for verified WTFast promo codes, then don’t worry, we have got you covered!

In this article, we will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to use the WTFast promo code and answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding WTFast, Subscription Plans, plus their benefits even.

How to use the WTFast Promo Code?

Unfortunately, WTFast doesn’t provide any promo codes. However, note that – since there are no active coupon codes as of now, you can opt for a 7 days free trial instead. But we will keep you updated on this article as soon as there is any active coupon code available. 

Until then, you can avail yourself of 10 to 15 % off on any of your subscription plans. To do so, follow the instructions given below:-

Step 1: Go to WTFast.

Step 2: Select the signup option from the top-right corner.

Step 3: Now, select any of the subscription plans as per convenience.

Step 4: As you select any subscription plan, on the top you can see how much money you can save. 

Step 5: Further, click on the buy now button to avail of the subscription.

(Note that:- Make sure you check the small box below the buy now button to receive a 7 days free trial on your subscription plan.)

Step 6: Now, fill in your details and create your WTFast account.

Step 7: Finally, select your payment method and proceed with the payment.

WTFast Overview

Ever since we were kids, games were a prime part of our lives – sure, back then we liked on-ground games more, but as time passed (especially, with the last year’s pandemic), the craze for virtual games skyrocketed! 

WTFast 5 months review 2021: How to lower ping

But if you’re even somewhat familiar with video games, you would know how much its lagging kills your mood. So to resolve that issue, WTFast was created! However, every finely created thing comes with a fancy price. 

And luckily, you can deduct the said fancy price while paying for a WTFast subscription, as by the end – it provides you with at least 10 to 15% off! 

Moreover, as the number of computers increases, you get more discounts.

WTFast: Features and Benefits

  1. Traffic optimization

Since WTFast is built under machine learning language – the software automatically optimizes your way for the upcoming connection while playing the game. And the best part about it is you can not only customize your path but also select any of your desirable gaming servers.

  1. Gamers Private Network

By any means, Gamers Private Network will not change your IP address the way VPN tends to do – however, it will optimize your data connection.

  1. Compatible with popular games

WTFast is created in a way to support a variety of games (over 1000) and the creators are regularly updating this list. You will find all kinds of games on the list and chances are your favorite game will also make it on the list.

  1. Reduce the lagging 

As you know, the lagging in between games is the most frustrating thing ever! And needless to say, it kills your mood. So to avoid that, WTFast comes to the rescue – as it not only helps you find the most efficient gaming server but also reduces the stats of your lost packages.

And both of these things result in way less lagging!

  1. Network analysis

To keep track of your data, WTFast provides you with network analysis.

WTFast Subscription Plans

WTFast provides four subscription plans and all of them offer- customer support, customize server portals, automatic/manual connections, and it also remembers your settings of the last game. With that being said, let’s go through those subscription plans one by one.

  1. Monthly Subscription Plan

The subscription cost is $9.99 per month. 

  1. 3 Months Subscription Plan

The subscription cost is $9.49 per month (which is billed $24.97 in the compilation of 3 months.) And you can save 5% on this plan.

  1. 6 Months Subscription Plan

The subscription cost is $8.99 per month (which is billed $53.95 in the compilation of 6 months.) And you can save 10% on this plan.

  1. 12 Months Subscription Plan

The subscription cost is $8.33 per month (which is billed $99.90 yearly). And you can save 17% on this plan.

Is WTFast worth it? 

WTFast is a Canadian-based company that is specially created for gaming (popularly known as Gaming Private Network) wherein – it provides gamers with efficient gaming servers that have zero lagging capability. 

Due to WTFast’s good traffic optimization, you not only get connected to a better gaming server but also can customize your very own server (if you want) and data optimization as well. In addition to that – WTFast gives you full freedom to track your connection using network analysis.

On the other hand, WTFast is compatible with over 1000 games too. So, looking at all these points, we can certainly say that WTFast is indeed worth it!

The Final Verdict!

Over the period, Gaming has surely risen in popularity and last year’s pandemic was nothing but icing on the cake for it! Be it Minecraft, Among us, or many other games quickly caught fire – Among us even received the title of the best game of 2020!

And while enjoying some of these games, you may have noticed the lagging (due to the heavy bandwidth) – and to be honest, it frustrates the heck out of you! Imagine, you’re playing Among us and happily fixing the wire and suddenly the door shuts and you get that awful feeling that you’re going to get killed, and boom – your game lags!

We can feel the frustration!

So for that not to happen or at least to ease your frustration somewhat, WTFast was created! By using WTFast, your game stops lagging and you efficiently escape the imposter (or kill the crewmates and vent smoothly, if you’re the imposter.)

We hope our article was helpful! However, in case of any queries – do reach out to us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply the WTFast coupon code on all the plans? 

As we have mentioned above, WTFast doesn’t offer any coupon code. However, it does offer a discount on their subscription plans. Plus, the more devices to add to the subscription page, the more discount you will get.

So on a 3 months plan, you get 5% off, on 6 Months, you get 10% off, and on a yearly subscription, you get 17% off!

Do we get any money-back guarantee on WTFast? 

No, there is no money-back guarantee. However, you can cancel your subscription within 72 hours of the next billing cycle – due to which, you can still access the account.

Is the usage of promo codes illegal?

Not really, because most websites do offer promo codes on their official website. However, in the case of WTFast, it doesn’t offer any promo code as such. So to avail of the discount on the website, you need to subscribe to one of the plans and receive a few percentages off!

Does WTFast provide any free trial?

Yes, it does! WTFast provides 7 days free trial upon subscribing to any of the plans. To do so, once you select any plan, before clicking on the buy now button – make sure, you have ticked the tiny box below it.
It mentions the 7 days free trial just before WTFast would start charging you for the subscription.

Can you cancel the WTFast free trial?

Yes, you can have a WTFast free trial. But make sure, you do that under 72 hours of your subscription end, so you will not have to pay for the next billing cycle. 
Also, note that –  if you cancel too close to the next billing cycle, you might still end up paying for the next billing cycle.

Is there any reason why promo codes don’t work?

Yes, definitely! When your promo codes are not working on certain websites, it’s only because that particular website doesn’t offer any discount. To avoid such mishaps, always check the official website if it provides the promo code.

If not, you can always opt for a free trial account and refund even.

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