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If you’re looking for a top-quality virtual private network (VPN) provider that offers excellent value for your money, look no further than IPBurger. With their reliable network, robust security features, and excellent customer support, IPBurger is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect their online privacy and security. And the best part? You can get even more bang for your buck by using an IPBurger promo code.

These codes offer discounts on IPBurger’s already affordable VPN services, making it easier than ever to get the online privacy and security you deserve.

So whether you’re a student looking to save on your monthly subscription, a small business owner looking to protect your company’s sensitive information, or just someone who wants to keep your online activity private, be sure to take advantage of an IPBurger promo code and start protecting yourself online today!

TypePackageBefore Using CouponMaximum DiscountRecurring Discount
Residential ProxiesPremium & Regular Plans$224.10$24.90 10%
Fresh ProxiesFresh IPS & Basic IPS$309.95$31.0010%
Dedicated PlansFresh IPS & Basic IPS$202.45$22.5010%
VPN Plans1 Month,6Month,12 Month Plans$64.95$6.50 10%

How Do I Apply IPBurger Promo Code?

Ready for some savings on burgers? Let us show you how you can apply the promo codes on their official website and make huge savings.

Step #1 (Visit the IPBurger Website)

Doesn’t get easier than this. Just click here to instantly get redirected to their official website, where you’ll get a load of plan options to choose from.

Step #2 (Choose your plan)

As we’ve directly taken you to the plan selection page through our link. It’s time to choose a suitable plan which works best for you.

Browse through all the plans and their details. Once you’ve decided which plan to go with, click on the “Order Now” button below that particular plan.

[Note: We’ve briefly mentioned features of all the plans below, scroll down to check that section out so that you can choose your plan wisely.]

Step #3 (Choose your IP location)

After you hit the Order Now button, you’ll be asked to choose IP from given locations.

These locations include (USA, UK, Canada, Germany & Australia). Select your desired country and again click on “Order Now.”

Step #4 (Choose billing cycle)

In this step, you have to select your billing cycle duration. You’ll be given four options. Select whichever works best for you.

Once you’ve done that, click on the “Continue” button, which will be on the right side of the screen.

Step #5 (Apply the promo code)

The ‘Review & Checkout’ page is where you’ll apply the promo codes. On this page, you’ll get an overview of your order.

You’ll see a text box in grey color reading “Apply Promo Code,” type in or paste the promo code there and hit the “Validate Code” button. 

Once you do that, the discount will automatically be applied. Click on the “Checkout” button after that.

Step #6 (Checkout)

In this last part, you have to fill in your personal details, set up a password, and select your desired payment mode.

If you’re already a member of IPBurgers, chances are these options will be auto-filled with your primary details. 

After filling in all the necessary data, hit the “Place Your Order” button.

Wait for a short period of time until IPBurgers assign proxies to you.

Once assigned, Voila! You’re all set to use IPBurgers.

What exactly is IPBurgers?

Founded in 2007, IPBurgers is one of the world’s leading proxy and VPN service providers.

It initially was an IP checking website, which later started IP tracking through browser cookies.

Later on, they developed an application to track IP addresses, and now they offer proxy services.

They also have an award-winning proxy app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and browsers.

When it comes to residential proxies, the span is huge, with over 60 million proxies located over 190 plus locations, and their dedicated proxies span over 20 locations based in 6 countries.

IPBurger Features

IPBurger offers various plans, and the features vary from plan to plan.

We’ll take you briefly through features from each plan so that you can choose your plan wisely. 

Residential proxies

With residential proxies, you can easily bypass restrictions and blocks online.

You can filter out IPs by Country, Cities, and even ISPs and use them according to your need. Here are some of its features

  • Pool of IPs: Over 60 million-plus residential IPs to choose from. The IPs come with extremely low Recaptcha rates.
  •  An array of locations: Proxies from 190m plus locations spanning over 2000 cities worldwide.
  • Zero IP blocking: No need to fill annoying captchas and waste time on IP blocks.
  • No subnets: as every IP is unique, there is no sub-network and thus no chance of getting bulk bans.
  • Session control: Flexible session control options to go with.
  • Unlimited connections: You can change the proxy for every new HTTP or HTTPS request. 

Fresh proxies

An IP that is completely new and unused by anyone. Fresh IPs are passed through high-quality tests before assigning.

  • High quality: IPs are highly tested for quality and preserved for 180 days unused before assigning to the customer
  • All over the globe: IPBurgers provide fresh IPs from locations like the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and France.
  • Lightning-fast speed: With optimized servers, you get super fast speed with unlimited bandwidth and zero throttling.
  • Multi-Device Support: Use up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Military-grade encryption: AES-256 bit encryption with DNS/IPv6 leak protection for some serious security.
  • Kill Switch: Shut down complete usage if the connection is detected to be down.
  • Keep the IP: You can keep your preferred IP for as long as you can. It will be unique to you.

Exclusive proxies

These are the premium proxies with a very high success rate & IPs are assigned to only one customer at a time.

They are best to manage well established eCommerce stores and other Social handles.

  • High Grade: Extensively tested for the highest success rate 
  • Assigned to ONE customer: The IPs are only assigned to a single customer exclusively at a time.
  • Blazing fast speed: Optimized servers for super-fast connectivity along with unlimited bandwidth usage.
  • Multiple device support: Access the IPs from 5 separate devices.
  • No log policy: IPBurger will never log anything that will compromise your security.
  • 24/7 customer support: Get help at any time of the year at any time of the day.

IPBurger Pricings

IPBurger has categorized its plans based on the type of proxies.

There are 3 types of proxies sold with 3 types of packages for each. Let’s have a look at these plans briefly.

Residential proxies:

  • Starter plan: costs $79 every month.
  • Plus plan: costs $149 each month.
  • Pro plan: costs $249 every month.

Unlike other types of proxies, You cannot purchase residential proxies plans on a yearly basis. 

Fresh proxies: 

  • Basic plan: $9.58 per month (one-year subscription)
  • Professional plan: $18.33 per month (one-year subscription)
  • Business plan: $25.83 per month (one year subscription)

Exclusive proxies:

  • Basic plan: $4.58 per month (one-year subscription)
  • Professional plan: $12.08 per month (one-year subscription)
  • Business plan: $18.75 per month (one-year subscription)

We recommend annual subscriptions for Fresh and Exclusive proxies because it has the most savings.

IPBurgers is truly fast and flawless in its experience. No wonder they are one of the world’s leading proxy providers.

The residential proxies have millions of options to choose from, and the exclusive proxies are very well set up.

Their No log policy, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and top-notch encryption technology make it as secure as it can be. 

Although IPBurgers do not offer refunds, you can purchase their cheapest plans just for trials.  

The customer support staff is very helpful operating 24/7.

Overall, IPBurgers is a great service provider and does what they claim efficiently. We recommend using their proxies.

NOTE: there are no actual coupons for IPBurgers. We tried and tested a few but they are all expired.
Although one IPburger promo code seemed to be working with a few of the plans but not all

IPBurger FAQs

What is IPBurger?

IPBurger is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider that offers high-quality VPN services at an affordable price.

What is the difference between Fresh & Exclusive proxies?

Fresh proxies are totally new. They are passed through extensive quality tests. They are kept for 180 days unused after the tests and then assigned to customers.

On the other hand, exclusive proxies are used proxies that are allowed to cool down for a period of 90 days and then assigned to customers.

Which is the best proxy type for eCommerce shops?

When managing an already existing shop, Fresh & Exclusive proxies are recommended. For creating a new shop, residential proxies are recommended.

Which operating systems & devices are supported?

IPBurgers support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux. They also have extensions for browsers. To check their full configurations and supported OS list.

Do IPburger offer bulk purchase discounts?

Yes, the more IPs you’ll purchase, the greater the discount you’ll receive

Do IPBurger offer refunds?

No, due to the intangible nature of the service they provide, they do not offer any refunds.

Why should I use IPBurger?

You should use IPBurger if you want to protect your online privacy and security. IPBurger’s VPN services encrypt your internet connection, hiding your online activities from prying eyes and keeping your personal information safe.

How does IPBurger protect my privacy?

IPBurger protects your privacy by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your online activities. This makes it difficult for anyone to intercept or access your personal information.

Can I use IPBurger on all my devices?

Yes, IPBurger supports multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single account.

Is IPBurger affordable?

Yes, IPBurger is very affordable, especially when compared to other VPN service providers. And you can save even more by using an IPBurger promo code. So if you’re looking for a top-quality VPN service at an affordable price, IPBurger is the perfect solution for you!

What are IPBurger promo codes?

IPBurger promo codes are special codes that offer discounts on IPBurger’s VPN services.

Are there any free trials available with IPBurger?

Yes, IPBurger offers a 7-day free trial with all of its plans. Sign up for a plan of your choice and you’ll be able to try out the service for a week without being charged anything.

How do I use an IPBurger promo code?

To use an IPBurger promo code, simply enter the code at checkout when you subscribe to IPBurger’s VPN services. The discount will be applied to your total purchase amount.

Are IPBurger promo codes only for new subscribers?

Not necessarily. IPBurger may offer promo codes for both new and existing subscribers. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the promo code to see if it’s valid for your subscription.

Are there any discounts for long-term plans?

Yes, when signing up for longer term plans such as 6 months or 1 year, you’ll receive a significant discount off of the regular price. Check out our website at to see our current promotions and discounts available for longterm subscriptions!

How often do IPBurger offer promo codes?

IPBurger offers promo codes from time to time. To stay up-to-date on the latest IPBurger promo codes, you can sign up for their email list or follow them on social media.

Can I use multiple IPBurger promo codes at once?

It depends on the terms and conditions of the promo codes. Some IPBurger promo codes may be stackable, while others may not be. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each promo code before using it.


IPBurger promo codes are an excellent way to save money while protecting your online privacy and security. With their reliable network, robust security features, and excellent customer support, IPBurger is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their online activities private. By taking advantage of an IPBurger promo code, you can get even more value for your money and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your online privacy and security is protected.

So don’t wait – head over to the IPBurger website today and start enjoying the benefits of a top-quality VPN at an affordable price. With IPBurger promo codes, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to protect your online privacy and security!

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