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Many people online are searching for a reliable way to protect their privacy without spending a lot of money right away.

Unfortunately, a bunch of websites are claiming to offer coupons and deals for a free trial of IPBurger, but they aren’t true, leaving many users frustrated and confused.

The good news is, IPBurger understands the importance of trust and satisfaction. They offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to give new users peace of mind. This means you can try their services without any risk, and if you are not fully happy, you can get your payment back without any trouble!

IPBurger Overview 

IPBurger is a proxy and VPN service provider that has been in the market for 5 years. With IPBurger, you can bypass geo-restrictions and website locks while surfing the internet without any limits. 

With one of the largest proxy pools in the market, it is quite safe to say that IPBurger is one of the best proxy providers especially when it comes to targeting and location support. Additionally, it helps in scaling up your business by allowing you to manage multiple accounts, research, and online marketing. 

The proxy provider comes with excellent features and support. Furthermore, the locations keep increasing, so if you are looking for a specific location, the chances are that you will end up finding what you are looking for. 

Moreover, IPBurger has proxies in more than 2,014 cities with 195+ locations across the globe. This is incredible because besides using country-specific proxies, you can also use their proxies for targeting certain locations for your business. 

Another feature that we liked about IPBurger is that it comes with maximum ease of use. If you are not a fan of using the browser site all the time, you can download the IPBurger app on various devices. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and more. Through the app, you can manage your account without any hassle. 

Overall, IPBurger is one of the best proxy providers in the market. Our experience with the proxies have been really good and we will highly recommend going with IPBurger if you are looking for the right proxies. 

IPBurger: Features

  • Customer support: The proxy provider comes with excellent customer support. Irrespective of what your queries are about, you can contact the support team 24/7 through email and phone. Additionally, it also has massive resources that you can go through when you need help. 
  • Highly secure and anonymous: IPBurger’s proxies are highly secured and they do not keep a track of user’s data, traffic, IP addresses, or more. You can browse the internet without worrying about your IP address revealing to any third party. 
  • Intuitive and easy to use: Another thing that we are fond of IPBurger is its intuitive dashboard and ease of use. The dashboard is filled with all the details that you need to know. You can pay for your plans, monitor your usage, and more. If you are a beginner, you can get started easily. 
  • Unlimited threads: IPBurger lets you use unlimited threads for automation or scrapping. You can also use advanced rotation for each concurrent connection. 
  • Blazing-Fast speed: Like other areas, IPBurger also exiles in speed. Their networks of servers are optimized for higher speed, fast connection, unlimited bandwidth, and no throttling.
  • Multiple devices: You can use fresh IPs on all the devices. Additionally, you can share access to your account with anyone who wants to manage your account. 

IPBurger: Pricing 

IPBurger provides four products. Each product comes with three pricing plans. Let’s take a look at the pricing plans below. 

  1. Residential Proxy
  • Premium Plans –starts at $79. 
  • Regular Plans: Starts at $69 per month. 
  1. Fresh Plan
  • Fresh IPs –Starts at $9.85/month
  • Basic IPs –Starts at $4.85 
  1. Dedicated Plans 
  • Fresh IPs –Starts at $9.58
  • Basic IPs –Starts at $4.58
  1. VPN Plans

IPBurger: Pros and Cons 

Everything comes with its good and bad side. Similarly, IPBurger also has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below. 


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee on every plan. 
  • Outstanding security features that keep your identity protected. 
  • Saves time and efforts along with letting you expand your business. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Allows you to keep the same IP address as long as you want it. 
  • Strict no-logs policy. 


  • Does not offer any free trial on proxy plans. 
  • It does not offer support for torrenting. 

Is IPBurger Worth it?

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Now that you are familiar with the features, pros and cons, and more details about IPBurger, you must be wondering, is IPBurger worth paying for?

Well, after our experience with IPBurger for a year, we can safely say that going with IPBUrger is worth it. Over the year we have received tremendous services and exceptional speed from IPBurger. 

The Highest Quality Residential Proxies – IPBurger com 1

There were few instances where we faced obstacles, but when we contacted the support team, our issues were resolved quickly. Their tutorials and resources also come in handy when you need a quick solution. 

Besides, the pricing plans are flexible and cover the need of each user. Whether you are using IPBurger for personal use or your business, your identity will be safe and you can bypass country restrictions without any hassle. 

If you are going to pick the VPN service, we recommend going with the free trial and later continue using it. In case you do not like the services, the refund policy is just a call away! 


Does IPBurger offer a free trial?

IPBurger does not offer a free trial for their services.

I heard about an IPBurger free trial, is that information accurate?

As per the latest official statement from IPBurger, they do not provide a free trial for their services. Any such information should be cross-verified with IPBurger’s official website.

How can I subscribe to IPBurger if there isn’t a free trial?

You can subscribe to IPBurger by visiting their official website, choosing your preferred plan, and following the steps to purchase it.

Is there a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with IPBurger’s services?

As per the latest official statement from IPBurger, they do not provide a money-back guarantee. It’s always best to double-check this on their website for the most up-to-date policies.

I’ve read on a website about an IPBurger free trial. What should I do?

Always cross-verify such information with IPBurger’s official website. According to the latest official statement, they do not offer a free trial.

If there isn’t a free trial, why should I choose IPBurger?

IPBurger is chosen for its reliable VPN services and commitment to user privacy. Their VPN provides robust online protection, preventing others from viewing your internet activity.

Are there any discounts or promotional offers available with IPBurger?

IPBurger may have promotional offers or discounts available from time to time. It’s best to check their official website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest updates.

How can I be sure that IPBurger is the right choice for me without a free trial?

You can read up on their service offerings on their official website, check out customer reviews, or reach out to their customer support for specific queries.

I’ve seen some sites offer codes for an IPBurger free trial. Are these legitimate?

According to IPBurger’s official statement, they do not offer a free trial. It’s best to avoid such offers as they may not be legitimate.

Without a free trial, how soon will I be charged after subscribing to IPBurger?

Typically, payment for IPBurger services is processed immediately upon subscribing to a plan.

What options does IPBurger provide for users who are unsure about purchasing a full subscription without a free trial?

While IPBurger does not offer a free trial, they do provide a range of plans with different price points and features. You may consider choosing a shorter-term plan to start with, to get a feel for the service.

Final Thoughts

while the lack of a free trial or a money-back guarantee from IPBurger may seem daunting, it’s crucial to remember the value their services bring. IPBurger prides itself on providing robust, reliable VPN services that put user privacy at the forefront. False information regarding free trials may circulate, but it’s always wise to refer to IPBurger’s official website for accurate details.

Weighing in on customer reviews and comprehensive service descriptions will allow you to make an informed decision, ensuring you embark on a secure and unrestricted internet browsing experience with IPBurger

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