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Geosurf Coupon Code

GeoSurf is a proxy site usually used for web scraping and crawls without getting detected or blocked.

As per research, we have found that it is one of the fastest residential proxy IP addresses and quick to access.

As it is trendy in the market, it has some coupon schemes, and for which we have written this post for you.

So that you know how you can apply a GeoSurf Coupon.

How do I get a GeoSurf Coupon Code?

This section of the article will tell you how you can claim a GeoSurf coupon.

Step 1: Go to the site and become a member of GeoSurf by registering your name, country, and email id. You can visit the website .

Geosurf Coupon Code
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Step 2: After that, within 24 hrs, you will receive an email, or the employee of GeoSurf will contact you.

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Step 3: After confirming your membership, your hands are on the software.

Step 4: Now, you can access through it which coupon you want to avail for your proxies.

Step 5: Right now, all you need to do is register yourself through your email id.

After you have executed the above-mentioned steps and confirmed your membership with GeoSurf, make sure that whatever offer you have chosen goes through its validity and cost with the best bargains.


Unfortunately, GeoSurf doesn’t provide any free trial. Make sure that you go through their plans thoroughly. You can avail the best bargain coupons by clicking here.

According to a survey, the starting and most affordable monthly pack price are $450.

After the starter package, one more package is there; its name is a professional package that costs up to $900 per month. 

And the last one is a surplus package which is $2000 per month. Also, there is an enterprise that costs quite higher than the others.

So go through each premium package, read very carefully about them, and select your need.

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 If you are lucky, maybe Geosurf, some other time, will provide you a free trial, but currently, it’s not available by the company. Their pricing tags are designed to suit your different needs.

As Geosurf has been known for many years for a web scraping and crawling site, it’s becoming trendy in the market. One of the best things about GeoSurf is that it provides unlimited IPs.

There are no limitations for the numbers of connections, threads, and locations you can target synchronically.

 Rather than only IPs, GeoSurf also supplies meter plans by bandwidth. The services by Geosurf are based on the customer’s location where it is.

It can also rotate the proxies whenever the browser is opened or closed. Therefore there is nothing to worry about.

GeoSurf offers browser extensions with various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Chrome-based browsers on tools. On the other hand, it can maintain session persistence.

Also, the customers can use this rotation policy to successfully tie their connections to a specific IP with no limits.

How much does Geosurf Cost?

There are varied plans that Geosurf provides you according to your needs. 


The very first is the GEOSURF RESIDENTIAL STARTER plan. The following plan starts at $450 per month.

The following plan provides you 38GB per month residential and if you are out of your limit it also makes sure that you can buy per GB for $12. The plan covers more than 130+ residential IPs across the world.


The second plan starts at $900 per month. The plan provides you 90GB per month residential and if you are out of your limits the GEOSURF following plan charges you $10 per GB. As the above plan it also covers 130+  residential IPs across the world.


The third plan charges you $2000 per month. The following plan provides you 250GB per month residential and charges you  $8 per GB if it’s not sufficient.

It has unlimited access to IPs also 130+ countries for residential IPs. The above 3 plans include dedicated support and auto recurring. So makes it easy for the customer to access and use it.


This one is the most exclusive plan where the cost usually varies. Therefore, the company does not disclose the price directly on the site. It includes 2TB/ month with custom API reports.

It has over 2million IPs with unlimited connections and dedicated support. 

Proxies Offered By Grosurf

  • RESIDENTIAL IPs: World’s most advanced technique for data accumulation is residential IPs. GEOSURF residential IPs are based on a P2P network. It allows the consumer to accumulate the web over 2 million unblocked IPs  through some unique approach you will never get blocked again because of 100% verification.
  • MOBILE VPN: The company has especially designed Mobile VPN for smartphones which is compatible for both the operating system which is Android as well as IOS. Geosurf allows over 120 device locations. They can surf without being tracked or blocked on any mobile device. It will also keep you safe while using public WiFi.and also keeps you anonymous and unblockable.
  • STATIC RESIDENTIAL IPs: The following proxy allows you to send out unlimited requests through verified IPs and still be anonymous and safe. It has over 2 million unblockable IPs and provides you a secure and stable internet connection. Geosurf is the best way to make your online activity safe and anonymous.

Pros and Cons


  1. It has provided the facility to switch different locations IPs in different countries worldwide.
  2. GeoSurf has one of the best interfaces, and therefore it is very convenient to set up and adjust accordingly.
  3. GeoSurf provides a very large number of IPs locations across the world.
  4. GeoSurf operates and handles web crawlers namelessly and also legally.
  5. It also makes sure about the blacklist and whitelist IPs.


  1. No free trial
  2. Also, GeoSurf is quite costly than the others.
  3. It does not with IOS 10.x as its PPTP has been removed.
  4. There are no individual plans for small scales.

Final Verdict

We hope this post helped you get exclusive discount on GeoSurf. What’s more, GeoSurf is a reliable proxy provider at an affordable cost also the proxies are robust and safe. 

This article discussed the GeoSurf coupon claiming process and proxy software.

We hope you have all the answers to your questions you were looking for from this article. Leave your remarks below in the comment section below.

Where can I use proxies?

Ans 1. Customers can use Geosurf Proxies with almost any destination that supports HTTP/HTTPS protocol as long as your request complies with GeoSurf.

3. Does GeoSurf offers any money back guarantee?

Due to the company’s terms and conditions they have clearly said that the money which you have paid for the subscription is NON-REFUNDABLE .

So customers who are going to subscribe whichever plan they want should go thoroughly and carefully check whether the following plan includes whatever they are in need of.

4. Is there any GeoSurf free trial?

Ans) Unfortunately GeoSurf does not provide a free trial.  You can get the customer support within 24 hours of signing up.

You can talk about the plans which are comfortable for your pocket directly to them.

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