58% Off Newshosting Discount Code 2024 – Get Best Lifetime Discount Offer


Newshosting is a popular newsreader software. Naturally, you want to make a saving if you can, so you might look for newshosting discount codes.

Unfortunately, Newshosting does not offer coupon codes. In fact there is not even a coupon code field on the checkout page.

However, don’t worry! When you use our special newshosting discount code offer link , you can make great savings with no need to input a newshosting discount code.

Newshosting Discount Code

How Much Can I Save On Newshosting?

When you use our special Newshosting discount code offer link, you can purchase Newshosting unlimited for just $9.99 a month (usually retails at $14.95), or buy a year long subscription for just $8.33 (usually retails at $12.95.) That’s a saving of over $50 per year!

Which Newshosting Plan Do I Need?

Newshosting offers three plans: Lite, Unlimited, and XL PowerPack. Which plan you need depends on your likely data usage and how many features you need.

Luckily, Newshosting makes it easy to choose your plan with their easy to use Plan Customizer  The Plan Customizer asks you:

  • If you want to get on Usenet with your web browse instead of a traditional newsreader
  • How often you access or plan to access Usenet every day
  • Whether security and encryption are important to you
  • Whether you ever have problems with your ISP throttling your internet speed
  • How long you plan to access Usenet for (for example, less than six months or more than a year)

Newshosting then calculates which plan is best for your needs. If possible we recommend you check out the Unlimited plan – it’s suitable for most needs and you can save more than $50 a year when you buy it using our exclusive newshosting discount link.

See How to Get Savings using Newshosting Discount?

Claiming your Newshosting discount couldn’t be easier:

  1. First, click on our special lifetime access Newshosting discount code link
  2. Enter your email address to create an account
  3. Choose your payment method – Newshosting accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Discover) or PayPal
  4. Fill out your billing and payment details
  5. Click “Subscribe”
    And you’re done! You can now use Newshosting to access Usenet and read articles and messages on all your favorite topics of interest.

Does Newshosting Offer A Free Trial?

If you’re wondering whether Newshosting is right for you, don’t worry! Newshosting offers a generous free trial so you can try it for yourself before deciding whether to buy a package.

All new Newshosting customers are welcome to sign up for a 14 day free trial, with a limit of 30GB.

We think a free trial is a great idea – but there are a couple of things to be aware of! First, that the free trial is only valid under 30GB so do be careful how much date you use during your free trial period.

Second, you do need to enter payment details for your newshosting free trial and at the end of the free trial period, your account will automatically be billed for the next payment.

That is why you need to make sure you cancel before the end of the free trial if you don’t want to carry on with Newshosting – though we are sure once you try it out for yourself you will want to renew your membership!

Do you want to find news or opinions about any topic under the sun? Then it’s time to check out Usenet. Usenet is a world wide discussion net that predates much of the internet as we know it today. In fact, Usenet was first thought of in 1979 and first published in 1980, long before many of today’s internet users were even born!

But what is Usenet, how does it work, and why do you need a special hosting software for it?

Put simply, Usenet is a collection of channels or newsgroups on a variety of topics. Users post messages of their desired length into specific newsgroups. The messages are then shared with users in those newsgroups, but unlike the online message forums and bulletin boards we are used to today, the messages are only available for a certain length of time.

Users access these groups via a specialized piece of software called a newsreader, and can read and respond to messages there.

Why Pay For A Usenet Newsreader?

Newshosting gives you a dedicated Usenet newsreader with many features and benefits that you simply cannot get from a free option. Free newsreaders are frequently slow, unreliable, and not very secure. That’s why we recommend you purchase an inexpensive dedicated newsreader software, for a much better reading and sharing experience.

Why Should I Choose Newshosting?

There are many reasons to choose Newshosting. As we’ve already seen, a paid Usenet service is much faster and more reliable than any of the free services available, and it’s more secure too. If you’re going to use Usenet regularly, we think Newshosting is absolutely the way to go. Here are some more reasons to love Newshosting:

  1. 3328 day retention. This generous retention rate makes Usenet a winner in our eyes! Unlike today’s internet boards and forums, messages on Usenet are not available forever. Some services only offer a 30 day retention rate, so after 30 days you cannot read or comment on messages any more. However, Newshosting offers a generous 3328 day retention rate – that means messages are available to you for almost a decade!
  2. Unlimited speed and data transfer. You never have to worry about throttled speeds or running out of data before you can check out all the messages you want to see. With Newshosting you get unlimited data transfer and speed forever, so you can access Usenet as often and for as long as you want.
  3. Free Usenet browser. All users get access to Newshosting’s free Usenet browser. This powerful little piece of software makes browsing Usenet so fast and easy. With integrated search and file preview functions, you can browse for the content you want, find what you need, and preview before you start reading.
  4. Integrated VPN. We love this! Newshosting customers have the option to upgrade and add Newshosting VPN (Virtual Private Network) to their package (XL PowerPack users get it free.) Newshosting VPN shields your IP address and keeps you safe from malware, cyber crime, hackers, and other nasties, leaving you free to browse Usenet in peace and safety.
  5. Access to thousands and thousands of Usenet groups. Newshosting customers can access more than 100,000 uncensored Usenet newsgroups, so no matter what you want to read or talk about, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you want to access a huge archive of news and discussions on every topic imaginable, you need Usenet in your life.

And if you need Usenet, you need Newsbrowser to make your time on Usenet smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

Newshosting Customer Review on Trustpilot

Newshosting Customer Review on Trustpilot

Newshosting Discount Code FAQs

is there free trial offer

For a limited period of time, Newshosting offers a free trial. There’s no need to provide credit card information. The trial offer is available on the official website. It’s a simple task.

Where can I Find Verified Newshosting discount

For Newshosting, we are providing the highest deal. Please don’t waste your time trying to save money on another fake coupon website. They’re simply wasting your time by promoting their affiliate link in order to profit from the merchant.

is Newshosting Discount offer free?

There is no need to spend extra to gain a discount. We did some web research and found the greatest deal for Newshosting. Save money at the checkout page by using our Newshosting coupon code.

58% Off Newshosting Discount Code 2024 – Get Best Lifetime Discount Offer
58% Off Newshosting Discount Code 2024 – Get Best Lifetime Discount Offer

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