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15% Off for monthly package (Lifetime valid)

Expired On September 20, 2021

$$$ off Lifetime monthly Discount

Storm proxies offer $$$ off lifetime discount when you use coupon code at an order page. The offer is valid for all the private dedicated proxy packages and is valid from twelfth to twenty-first October. You will instantly access the packages after payment without waiting for proxy setup or account activation. The coupon is valid for one package (one order) per customer. However, the coupon is not valid for residential and rotating packages.
Expired On July 23, 2021

Looking for a Storm Proxies coupon that actually works?

If you’re among those that are tired of experiencing constant disappointment while searching for a working Storm Proxies coupon, then you are finally at the right place.

Here, we have Storm Proxies coupons that are tested and working and won’t disappoint you.

Not only that, we’ve also made a step by step guide on how you can apply these coupons effortlessly on their website. 

Along with the coupons, We’ve also created some direct activation links for you. Once you click on those links, the offer will be activated automatically.

You need not copy-paste any sort of coupon code. You can simply check out with that offer.

So, sit back and let us take you through all the process.

Code/Activation LinksCode
5% off on all plans5OffStorm
Save 50% with 6 month subscription Facebookhere
Order 1000 instagram proxies at $1.2 per proxyhere
200 Linkedin proxies at $1.75 per proxy here

How do get a real Storm Proxies Coupon Code?

Step #1 (Visit the website)

Click on our Link to quickly get to their official website. Once you’re there, You’ll see a grey colored button saying ‘Instant Access After Payment,’ click on it.

Step #2 (Select a proxy type)

In this step, you have to make a choice that suits you best. Storm Proxies offer two types of proxies. One is Backconnect rotating proxies and Private dedicated proxies. Choose between the two and click on the desired option.

Step #3 (Select your plan)

Once you choose the type of proxy service you need, it’s time to select your plan.

Scroll down on the screen to see the available plan options and choose the one which satisfies your needs. 

We recommend you to go for long term plans as they are cheaper and hence save you more money.

When decided, Click on ‘Buy It Now’ to proceed to checkout.

Step #4 (Apply Coupon code & Create an account)

This is the most important step. If you’ve copied our Coupon code, you’ll have to enter it in this window. 

Scroll down, and you’ll see the very first option as ‘Enter coupon code.’ This is it, the key to your savings. Enter the coupon code manually or copy-paste it from our table.

If you’ve clicked on our activation links, there is no need to enter any coupon code. Just proceed further as the offer would’ve been automatically activated.

Next, If you’re a new user, you need to fill in all your information. This will create your account on Storm Proxies. If you’re already a user, you don’t need to perform this step.

Click on ‘Next’ to proceed to the checkout window.

Step #5 (Make the payment)

Lastly, you’ll have to select your desired payment mode and make the payment.

Storm Proxies let you pay using three different modes, i.e., Credit/Debit cards, PayPal and AmazonPay.

Once you’ve made the payment, you should receive the proxies within minutes.

Storm Proxies: an overview

Founded by SEO experts in 2016, Storm proxies have taken the online market by storm. The reason for that is its upfront openness to users.

Although they lack in the feature departments compared to other giant proxy providers, they don’t try to cover that up through fancy marketing strategies to make themselves look good.

They admit that they are a small time scraping service for small businesses.

Storm proxies provide two types of proxies, backconnect rotating proxies, and Private dedicated proxies. Backconnect rotating proxies are ideal for SEO tools like Scrapebox, SEnuke, Rankerx, etc., while the Dedicated proxies offer static and fixed IPs.

Storm proxies further categorize these two proxy types into various targeted segments such as Sneaker proxies, Ticketmaster proxies, Pokemon Go proxies, etc.

Again, the IP pool is not very huge if we compare it to other proxy providers, but sometimes it’s about the quality of the pool and not the quantity. Storm proxies do what it claims with its small but excellent IP pool.

Along with this, let us discuss some features in brief that Storm proxies have to offer.

Storm Proxies Features

Proxy pool: Storm proxies have a proxy pool of 200,000. The number is relatively smaller than a proxy pool of other service providers, but the proxies’ quality is top-notch.

The proxies are even owned by storm proxies and not re-sold.

Proxy Locations: Storm proxies are located in regions of the United States of America, Canada, and Europe. They cover significant cities among these regions, and you can even geo-target the proxies.

3 minutes & 15 minutes proxies: The 3 minute proxies change their IP every 3 minutes, and you can use them for regular browsing, account creations, or social media.

The 15 minutes proxies are those which change their IP every 15 minutes. You can use them for tasks that demand longer sessions.

Private dedicated IPs: For the User’s maximum security, Storm Proxies use rotating private datacenter IPs. This ensures the privacy of the user.

Unlimited bandwidth & High Speed: As Storm proxies themselves own the IP servers, you get unlimited bandwidth with no extra cost or hidden charges.

Storm proxies have 1 GBps network optimized for super high speed.

Support 24/7: You can email them with whatever questions you have, and you’ll get quick replies. All the support emails are replied within 24 hours, and about 45% of the emails are responded within an hour.

Storm Proxies Pricing

Storm proxies have a reasonable pricing strategy. It doesn’t cut a hole in your pocket. As they are a tier 1 proxy provider, which means they own and operate their own proxy servers.

This allows them to sell their proxies at a much cheaper rate. Let us take you through the pricing plans in brief. 

Dedicated IP rotating proxies: All the plans under this type come with 4 proxy locations. They include the United States of America, the European Union, US+EU combined, and Worldwide proxies.

Also, all the plans have an IP pool of 200,000 and Unlimited bandwidth. 

  • The cheapest plan costs $39 monthly.
  • 40 simultaneous connections.
  • 1 Access IP.
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $97 monthly.
  • 150 simultaneous connections.
  • 3 Access IPs.

Residential IP rotating proxies: All the plans under this category come with 2 IP locations, the USA and the EU. The IP pool consists of 70,000 rotating residential IPs. The proxy rotation time is every 5 minutes. Each plan has only 1 Access IP and unlimited bandwidth.

  •  The cheapest plan costs $50 monthly. 
  • 5 ports ($10 per port)
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $300 monthly.
  • 50 ports ($6 per port)

Sneaker & Ticketmaster Proxies:  All the plans under both these categories come with 2 IP locations, the USA and the EU. The IP pool consists of 40,000 rotating residential IPs. The proxy rotation time is every 5 minutes. Each plan has only 1 Access IP and unlimited bandwidth.

  •  The cheapest plan costs $160 monthly.
  • 20 ports ($8 per port)
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $900 monthly.

200 ports ($4.5 per port) 

Private dedicated proxies: There are 8 plans to choose from this category. All the plans come with

  • 1GBs Network
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Virgin IPs.
  • 100 concurrent threads.
  • Multiple subnets.
  • 3 USA locations covered.
  • Multiple Ip class and 
  • 24/7 customer support.
  •  The cheapest plan costs $10 monthly.
  • 5 private proxy connections ($2 per proxy)
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $400 monthly.
  • 400 private proxy connections ($1 per proxy)

Private Ticket proxies: All the private Ticketmaster proxy plans offer 1GBs network and unlimited bandwidth.

  •  The cheapest plan costs $600 monthly.
  • 200 ticketing proxies ($3 per proxy)
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $2200 monthly
  • 1000 ticketing proxies ($2.2 per proxy)

Social Media private proxies: All the private Social media private proxy plans offer 1GBs network and unlimited bandwidth.

  •  The cheapest plan costs $15 monthly.
  • 5 social media proxies ($3 per proxy)
  • The top-end plan under this category costs $200 monthly
  • 100 social media proxies ($2 per proxy)

Frequently Asked Questions about Storm Proxies

#1 Is there a free trial period? How can I test the proxies?

There is NO free trial period. But there is a way to test the storm proxies. Let us tell you how.

First, you’ll have to purchase their plan (ensure you are buying the Cheapest package from any category as only the smallest and cheapest packages are refundable). 

After the purchase is made, you can test the proxy within the 24-hour time frame. (as the refund policy is only valid within 24 hours)

If you love the service, you can upgrade to higher plans. If you don’t, then simply contact their customer support from here (within 24 hours) and ask them to cancel your plan.

#2 What is the refund policy?

The refund policy of Storm proxies is that it refunds the amount on the smallest packages of any category within 24 hours of making the payment. Take a note that If you buy anything other than the smallest package, it’s non-refundable.

Here, you can read the full refund policy as well as the Terms & conditions.

#3 Are new IPs added to the pool?

All the IPs in the gateway proxy pool of Storm proxies are replaced every 7 days.

#4 What is the difference between Rotating And Dedicated proxies?

The difference is that the Rotating proxies are shared proxies. This means these proxies are shared among users. This is the reason why you get them at such cheap rates. While the dedicated proxies are completely exclusive to you, and nobody else has access to it.

There is also a difference between the success rate of these two categories. The rotating proxies have 70-80% success rate, while the dedicated proxies have 100% success rate


Being a tier 1 service provider, Storm proxies has one of the best-priced plans in the proxy market. On the already cheap plans, we’ve got some exciting offers for you.

All the offers and the coupon codes are tested and working. We keep updating our articles with such amazing offers as we come across them along the way.

Always make sure to check our space before purchasing anything related to Storm proxies are other services to save big every time.

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