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Getting a UsenetServer free trial account is easy, all you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide and get your way through it.  

Here, we’ll not only provide you the step-by-step guide on how to get a UsenetServer free trial account but also its complete overview, features, and pricing details. Check out the whole piece for maximizing your benefits.

Let us take you through it without any further adieu. 

How To Get A Usenetserver Free Trial Account (step By Step)

You need to follow the step by step guide give below in order to claim UsenetServer free trial. 

Step #1 (Visit the official website)

To get things started, you first need to visit the official website of UsenetServer. For that, just click on our trial link and you’ll be instantly redirected to the site.

Once you’re there, click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button which will be right in the center of the screen.

image 17

Step #2 (Select your Free trial plan)

It’s time to choose which plan you want for your free trial. You’ll get three options to choose from. All the plans come with the same features. The only difference is that for the 12-month plan, you get the Zero log VPN at no extra cost. Whereas for the other two, you have to pay extra money. 

Choose your plan accordingly and click on ‘START NOW’.

image 16

[Note: you can add the VPN in your free trial at no extra cost.]

Step #3 (choose Your Payment Method)

You can pay on UsenetServer through 2 modes, credit cards, and PayPal. Choose your desired payment method and fill in the required details. Finally, click on ‘Join Now’ 

image 15

DONE! You’ve successfully activated the free trial service. 

Enjoy the user experience.

Launched in 1998, UsenetServer is a veteran Usenet provider. It has served millions of customers since then. Its lightning-fast servers along with its privacy policies are something which every customer admires of the service. 

Not only that, its retention period is of 4591 days, which means more than a decade of retention. They update their retention capacity continuingly so that no Usenet article is ever lost from its servers. That’s one massive plus point right there. 

One of the notable features of UsenetServer is its Global search feature, it’s a Usenet search interface, which allows you to search articles on the Usenet or create one of your own. Its Zero log VPN add-on is a huge plus point to the already feature-packed service, and if you buy the yearly plan, you don’t even have to pay any extra money for the VPN.

UsenetServer has connections to over 800 broadband access providers around the globe. In addition to that, it has several tier 1 bandwidth providers that give its users a lightning speed experience. With all these features combined with a fully secured 256-bit SSL encryption technology, UsenetServer is the ultimate Usenet provider.

UsenetServer Features

UsenetServer is feature-packed. Let us take you through its key features in detail.

image 14

Free SSL Connections:

For the safety and privacy of its users, UsenetServer comes with a 256-bit SSL encryption technology. This helps the users to stay highly secured while browsing through thousands of newsgroups on the Usenet.

A massive pool of Discussion Groups:

You can access over 110,000 discussion groups globally both text and binary. This allows the users to exchange their ideas with millions of other Usenet users.

Over 12 years of data retention:

UsenetServer has a massive storage architecture that allows them to retain data for 4587 days, which converts to over 12 years of retention. That’s more than any other Usenet provider.

Unlimited data transfer:

UsenetServer has well-peering relationships with all the major Usenet providers. That means the users get access to every article posted to Usenet anywhere around the globe.


UsenetServer has one of the lowest rates in the market. It provides its users with unlimited data access with up to 20 concurrent SSL connections. All this up to 75% less than other providers.

UsenetServer Pricing

UsenetServer lets you choose from three different plans. Let us take you through all the plans briefly.

image 13

1 Month plan: This plan costs $14.95/Month. 


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.

Add ons

Zero log VPN at $4.99/month.

3 Months plan: This plan costs $8.95/Month.


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.

Add ons

Zero log VPN at $4.00/month.

12 Months plan: This plan costs $7.95/Month. (most economical)


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.
  • FREE Zero log VPN 

FAQs on Usenetserver Free Trial 

#1 How do I cancel my account?

#1 How do I cancel my account?You can cancel the account from the control panel.
Here’s how to do it.
> Once you’re on the control panel, click on ‘Payment Methods’
> Click on ‘Cancel Your Account’ & ‘Cancel Your VPN’
If you have any query regarding the cancellation, contact their Customer Care by creating a ticket.

#2 How do I reactivate my account?

The account reactivation process can be done through the Control Panel.
Once you’re on the control panel, you have to click on a renewal link, either ‘Renew with Card’ or ‘Renew with PayPal’. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate option, click on ‘Submit’

#3 How do I change my account type?

For that, you need to contact their Customer Support and they will help you make changes to your account.

#4 Can I pay with a money order?

Yes, you can pay UsenetServer with a money order too.There are some guidelines you must follow to make the payment.There is a 3-month minimum period.The money order must be paid in US dollars only. (non USD funds will be returned)

You must print out this Sign-up page and fill out all the information on it. Later join this page for your money order and you’re done.

This is their mailing address 

UNS Holdings Inc
Dept AT 953019
Atlanta, GA 31192-3019

#5 Are there any limits on the number of downloads?

No, there are no limits whatsoever on the number of downloads you can make from the UsenetServer’ side. Although, your ISP may have limits on the amount of data you can transfer in a given period. To check if there is any such restriction, contact your ISP.

#6 What are the Terms & Conditions of the service?

Here are all the T&C for the UsenteServer, please read them carefully before signing up.

#7 How can I create a Newsgroup?

Creating a newsgroup is a very complex process. Here is the detailed guide on how you can create a newsgroup using UsenetServer.

Summary of Usenetserver Free Trial 

UsenetServer has been in the market since 1998, a veteran in the Usenet providers, it’s also one of the top trusted providers rated by users. Serving millions of customers and only growing.

We only suggest the best to our users and UsenetServer is among the best. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. 

Also, we keep posting such detailed guides and How-Tos on our space regularly. Make sure to check our space from time to time for more such amazing offers

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