Newshosting Free Trial Account Hack February 2023 – Get Your 100% FREE Details

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Newshosting is a great way to get started with us because you can claim your newshosting free trial account by following these simple steps!

are you among the many who have come across the fantastic client called Newshosting for Usenet?

We bet you do, and you’re looking to test it before purchasing, just to be extra sure. It’s human nature, and we totally understand you in this case.

Do not worry. You can test the Newshosting service with a free trial account or check out Newshosting exclusive discount offer here

Newshosting Free Trial

You don’t have to pay anything upfront, it’s totally free, and there are no hidden terms and conditions.

The process will be done in just a few easy steps.

So, without wasting any more of your valuable time, let us show you how.

How to get a Newshosting free trial account (step by step)

Newshosting free trial

Step #1 (Visit the official website)

By clicking on our link, you’ll be redirected to the official website of Newshosting.

image 6

Step #2 (Choose your preferred plan)

Once you’re on the official website, scroll down, and you’ll see three plans (Lite, Unlimited, and XL powerpack).

Below every plan, there will be an option to start a newshosting free trial of that specific plan.

Choose your desired pack and click on ‘START FREE TRIAL.’

image 5

Step #3 (Choose If you want a VPN)

This step is entirely optional.

After you click on the ‘START FREE TRIAL,’ you’ll be taken to the next window where you can select if you want to add a VPN service to your newshosting free trial or not.

If you wish to add the VPN service (Which we recommend you should), check the box saying ‘Add VPN’ and proceed further by scrolling down.

[ Note: if you select the XL powerpack, the VPN service comes pre-activated ]

image 4

Step #4 (Enter your Information & Checkout)

Finally, Enter your email and set a password for your account. Scroll down further below and select your payment method. And hit ‘SUBSCRIBE.’

image 3

Don’t worry. You won’t be charged right away. You can confirm it by having a looking at the billing summary. The price will be $0.

image 2

[ NOTE: You’ll only be charged after you exhaust your free usage limit, which is 30GBs, or you complete 14 days of your free trial. Whichever comes first.]

[ NOTE: Make sure you keep track of your free data limit so that you’re not charged ]

That’s it! You’ve now unlocked the free trial for Newshosting. Enjoy your experience.

Newshosting Features

Newshosting comes packed with features and makes sure you get the best of Usenets from your desk. Allow us to take you through the key features in brief.

Binary Retention :

Newsgroups have retention rates. They indicate the length of the time for which a post will be available to you.

In terms of retention rates, Newshosting supports over 4500+days of text as well as Binary retention. They claim to have the highest retention rate in the industry.

Superfast speed & Unlimited Downloads :

Newshosting offers the highest no. of SSL-secured connections out there in the market.

This allows you to ultimately maximize your bandwidth, which gives you superfast connection speed. Newshosting also allows Unlimited downloads.

Servers all around the globe:

Newshosting has its own multi-gigabit server farms set up all over the United States of America and many European countries.

This allows the fastest user experience on Usenet.

FREE Newsreader : 

Newshosting does care about its users. Along with so many unique features, it also provides a FREE, easy-to-use newsreader. This Newsreader has built-in search and file preview options. You can download it from here.

image 1

100000+ Uncensored Newsgroups :

With Newshosting, you get access to 110,000 uncensored newsgroups, it doesn’t stop there, it’s always growing and getting updated.

You can find the file of your choice in those groups easily. With Newshosting, you get the best of Usenet always. 

Military Grade encryption :

Newshosting takes your privacy and security seriously. All of their plans feature 256 Bit SSL secured encryption with no extra cost. Your valuable information won’t be shared with third parties ever, neither Newshosting will track your usage. 


Newshosting offers three plans. Let’s have a look at the pricing and services of each plan. 


LITE plan: this plan will cost you $10 each month. 

Services under this plan include 

  • 50 GBs of data per month. 
  • Up to 30 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN service.
  • Free Newsreader with search. 

UNLIMITED plan: this plan will cost you $12.95 per month.

Services under this plan include 

  • Unlimited downloads. 
  • Up to 30 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN policy. 
  • Free Newsreader with search. 

XL Powerpack plan: this plan will cost you $15.83 per month. 

Services under this plan include 

  • Unlimited downloads. 
  • Up to 60 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN service. 
  • Free Newsreader with search.

Even after knowing the basics of all the plans, you’re not sure which plan to choose. Head over to the Newshosting plan customizer and answer a few questions.

Based on your answers, Newshosting will suggest the best possible plan for you. Even after that, if you have any issue, you can always contact their customer helpline. 

Newshosting has been in the market since 1999, relatively new compared to some giants in the competition, but it has grown exponentially and stands tall with all its glory.

With its highest quality and superfast speeds, Newshosting has become the favorite of millions of users worldwide. The retention rate that they have to offer is quite astonishing.

While most of the other competitors provide just a few months of retention, Newshosting offers up to 4500+ days of binary retention of news articles. That’s like a decade of retention. Totally mind blowing.

Newshosting is a tier 1 service provider. What it means is that they own and operate their own server farms. 

Newshosting has all the features that a Usenet client needs, and it’s also packed with some extra features like a free newsreader and built-in no-log VPN, which makes it even more appealing.

Feel free to go ahead and check their service out. You won’t be disappointed.


To conclude things, We will indeed say that Newshosting is worth every penny and excellent service in itself.

The newshosting free trial should give you an insight about it. Try it with the help of our step-by-step guide and surf newsgroups like never before.

We keep updating our website on all the new and exciting offers. Check our space for more such tutorials and great offers.

Newshosting Free Trial FAQs
#1 Can I log in from multiple computers?

Newshosting accounts are subjected to a single IP address at a given time. You can use their service from more than one device as long as it’s not simultaneous.

#2 Which Newsgroups do Newshosting carry?

You can check the full list of newsgroups that Newshosting carries on their NNTP server by logging into their servers via Telnet and using the list command.

Take a note that most of the newsreaders out there pull Newshosting complete newsgroups lists by default.

#3 Can unused data of a previous month be used next month?

YES! With the LITE account (30 GBs per month), you can rollover the unused data to next month, up to 1TB. 
As with the Unlimited & XL power pack plans having unlimited data each month, there is no worrying about unused data at all.

#4 How do I install Newshosting newsreader on my Linux OS?

Here are the links for the guides to install Newshosting newsreader on supported platforms
For Linux OS
For Windows OS
For Mac OS

#5 Which VPN service does Newshosting offer?

Newshosting has teamed up with Privado VPN to provide its users with an imported VPN service.

Moreover, Newshosting has a dedicated 24/7 helpline for VPN-related bug fixes.

#6 What payment options are accepted by Newshosting?

Newshosting currently has support for All types of Credit cards and PayPal for the payments.

They do not offer debit cards or any type of Cryptocurrency.

#7 How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, you need to first log in using your credentials and go to the Account Control Panel.

Next, click on ‘Update Your Payment’ and then click on ‘Cancel Account.’ If you come across any issue, contact their support team anytime.

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