9+ Best Private Proxy Providers 2024 (MacBook & windows)

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On your way to getting the best private Proxy provider of 2021? We have got you covered! 

The perks of having a private proxy are unlimited. Compared with a shared proxy, a private proxy comes with additional security and advantages.

However, the internet is filled with hundreds of private proxy providers that claim to offer the best private proxies, but how do you know which one is actually the best?

To take you out of the confusion and give you the best solution, we have handpicked the top 10 private proxy providers of 2021 based on our experience. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to pick the right proxy provider. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details! 

Best Private Proxy Providers

List of 9+ Best Private Proxy Providers in 2022 (Handpicked)


MyPrivateProxy World leading Private Proxies provider 2021

Undoubtedly, MyPrivateProxy is one of the best Private Proxy providers in the market. MPP has over 100,000 servers distributed across various states of the United States and Europe. All the proxies are designed with utmost security, reliability, and exceptional speed. 

Private Proxies MyPrivateProxy World leading Private Proxies provider

Another incredible feature about the proxy provider is that it is a green proxy provider. This means it runs on wind energy making it sustainable and environment-friendly. Moreover, the private proxies come with outstanding secured servers and work seamlessly with various SEO tools. 


MyPrivateProxy World leading Private Proxies provider
  • Exceptional and responsive support options by MyPrivateProxy through live chat, email, and ticketing system. 
  • MyPrivateProxy comes with 99% uptime. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with the services, you can get your money back with their 3 days money-back guarantee. 
  • Easy management of your proxies with their intuitive and fully automated control panel. 
  • Instant activation of proxies on the purchase. 
  • Highly anonymous and secure private proxies. 

Pricing:  The pricing depends on the number of proxies you buy. The higher number of proxies you buy, the cheaper the pricing gets. The price for a single private proxy starts at $2.49. 

image 28 1


The Highest Quality Residential Proxies

IPBurger is a proxy and VPN service provider with a five-year track record. With IPBurger, you may surf the internet without restrictions, bypassing geo-restrictions and website locks. 

The Highest Quality Residential Proxies – IPBurger com 1

IPBurger is one of the greatest proxy providers, especially as it relates to targeting and location support because it has one of the largest proxy pools on the market.

Types of Proxies – IPBurger com

Moreover, it comes with outstanding features and ranks as one of the best proxy providers. 

The Highest Quality Residential Proxies – IPBurger com 2 1


  • IPBurger comes with outstanding customer support. Whether you are facing trouble in getting started or you need help in between, you can always rely on customer support by the expert team. 
  • All the proxies by IPBurger come with a highly secured network and ensure that your identity on the internet stays anonymous. 
  • IPBurger’s proxies come with a blazing-fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. 
  • If you are not a fan of using a browser, you can download the IPBurger app which is convenient and easy to use. 
  • The interface and proxies are easy to use for beginners. 

Price: The pricing starts at $4.85 per month.

Pricing – IPBurger com


If you are looking for the best proxies for Google SEO auditing and Instagram automation, look no further than Squidproxies. No matter where you are in the world, SquidProxies comes with blazing-fast servers that allows you to access the internet safely. With guaranteed access to your proxies, you can browse anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, the proxies work seamlessly well with various browsers including Chrome. The proxy provider also offers unlimited bandwidth and no configuration. Another incredible thing about Squidproxies is that it guarantees the proxies to work for your purposes and if it does not fulfil your needs, you can ask for a refund. 


  • You can hide your IP without revealing that you are using a proxy with their highly anonymous proxies. 
  • You get 24/7 outstanding customer support. The response time of the customer support team is incredibly fast. 
  • SquidProxies offer multiple IP subnets from various cities across the United states. 
  • The proxy provider lets you request fresh IPs every month after receiving your renewal payment. 
  • As soon as you make the payment, the proxies are delivered within 5 minutes. 

Pricing: The pricing starts at $24 for 10 proxies ($2.40 per proxy). However, the pricing per proxy keeps decreasing as the number of proxies increases. 

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StormProxies is one of the best dedicated private proxy providers of 2021. They offer a fully automated process which means you no longer have to manually do the work. Upon your purchase, the proxies are activated instantly. Additionally, StormProxies comes with 99% uptime and outstanding security features. 

Just like other proxy providers on the list, StormProxies can also be authenticated through IP authentication or username and password authentication. Even though it does not offer any free trial, you still get the benefit of a 24-hour money-back guarantee. This means you can claim a full refund within 24 hours of using the StormProxies. 


  • StormProxies offers unmatchable download speed compared with other proxy providers. 
  • The proxy providers offer 24/7 premium customer support in case of any queries or obstacles. 
  • No matter how many proxies you purchase, you get unlimited bandwidth without any hidden charges. 
  • StormProxies covers multiple locations from the United States. 
  • The proxies are highly anonymous and your IPs will always stay hidden from any third-party tracking. 

Pricing: The pricing starts from $10/month for 5 proxies. Each proxy is priced at $2 which means you can purchase up to 20 proxies at $2 each. However, the price per proxy reduces as the number of proxies you purchase increases. 

image 29

HighProxies is one of the fastest and dedicated data centre proxy providers in the market. Another thing that makes HighProxies an excellent choice is that it has one of the largest datacentre distribution in the world. Additionally, they have 50,00 proxies in 50 servers across 7 countries. 

Besides providing highly anonymous proxies, they also offer a guaranteed uptime of 99% on all their private proxies. Moreover, HighProxies is best known for its proxies for social media marketing including YouTube and Instagram. 



  • HighProxies offers unlimited resources on all its proxies which means there are no restrictions on the bandwidth you use. 
  • The proxy providers offer 27/7 live customer support through a ticketing system. 
  • The proxies allow up to 100 concurrent threads. 
  • All the proxies by HighProxies are configured for high anonymity and security settings. 
  • They offer a monthly randomizer to avoid common issues with IPs. 

Pricing: The pricing for private proxies states at $1.40 monthly. 

image 30


With access to multiple subnets and multiple cities, SSLPrivateProxy is one of the best private proxy providers in the market. You can stay highly anonymous on the internet while you get unlimited bandwidth for the entire month. Additionally, all their proxies are hosted on their dedicated and secure servers, meaning security and speed is unmatchable. 

With multiple locations across the US and Europe, you can surf through the internet easily. Furthermore, they have servers across various locations that run on solar winds making it a green proxy provider. Since the proxies need authentication, they can only be used by you and no one else. 


  • SSLPrivateProxy offers the best customer support through live chat, phone, and ticketing system. Moreover, they also have a massive knowledge base and how-to video to guide you.
  • It uses the latest firewall technology to keep you private and hihgly secure. 
  • A monthly randomizer is available for the proxies to avoid various obstacles. 
  • SSLPrivateProxy offers free set-up without any hidden charges. 

Pricing: the pricing for private proxies starts at $15 a month ($3 per proxy). However, you can save an additional amount by picking a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. 

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If you are looking for an affordable private proxy provider, InstantProxies is the best option to pick. One of the best parts about InstantProxies is that it allows you to run a ping test before you purchase. With 99% uptime, they ensure that you have access to the proxies whenever you need them. 

The proxy provider proudly claims to be the most advanced private proxy service and we totally agree with this. They also offer worldwide locations and guaranteed quality with their private servers. Overall, InstantProxies is the best private proxy server with high-quality proxies and affordable solutions. 


  • InstantProxies come with an advanced control panel that makes your experience easily manageable. 
  • You get unlimited bandwidth irrespective of the number of proxies you purchase. 
  • All the private proxies are 100% compatible with multiple browsers. 
  • The proxy provider comes with 24/7 customer support through live chat. 
  • All the proxies come with multiple cities and subnets. 

Pricing: The pricing starts at $10 for 10 proxies. You can purchase up to 500 proxies at $500. 

image 31 1

Shifter — Previously known as Microleaves

With one of the largest IP addresses in the market, Shifter is one of the powerful and popular private dedicated proxy providers. The shifter comes with unlimited resources, meaning you can browse without any restrictions on the bandwidth. 

Furthermore, their private proxies are suitable for browsing through social media anonymously and securely. The proxy provider also comes with an intuitive and advanced dashboard and control panel that makes your service easy. Even though there is no option for the free trial, you can take advantage of their 3-day money-back policy. 


  • Shifter proudly claims to have a collection of over 31 million IP addresses. 
  • Outstanding security features to protect your identity on the internet while you enjoy a high download speed. 
  • You get to enjoy 24/6 round-the-clock support by their expert and trained staff. 
  • To make sure you never experienced a slow service, Microleaves offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 
  • You can request new IPs every 30 days with Microleaves. 

Pricing: The price for the private dedicated proxy states at $25 for 5 proxies and $50 for 10. 

image 32 1


If you are looking for a private proxy provider that offers the best anonymity that you can have, Buyproxies.org is the best pick for you. The private proxy provider has servers from the US, France, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and more locations. 

As soon as you make the payment, you get delivery of the proxies within a few minutes. Additionally, it comes with unlimited bandwidth and authentication. Your proxies come with both IP whitelisting and username and password. If you need more proxy solutions, Buyproxies.org has got you covered with sneaker proxies, ticket proxies, and semi-dedicated proxies. 


  • The private proxy provider allows you to get new proxies each month or keep the same proxies.
  • You get 24 hours money-back guarantee after you purchase the proxy. This means you can ask for a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the proxies. 
  • No matter how small or major your queries are, you can contact customer support 24/7 even on holidays!
  • The private dedicated proxies are highly recommendable for social media including Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

Pricing: The price for the dedicated proxy is $2 per month. 

image 33


If you are searching for private proxies for SEO, web scraping, social media automation, preventing geolocation restrictions, or simply to protect your privacy, Trusted Proxies have got you covered. Trusted Proxies provide highly optimized servers and one of the key areas of the proxy provider is SEO. 

With their proxies, you can send unlimited queries to Google in a minute. Moreover, they have servers in 10+ countries around the world. Furthermore, TrustedProxies also comes with tools that allow your website to rank on search engine. 


  • Unlike other proxy provides, TrustedProxy offers a free trial for their proxies. 
  • With their high-speed proxies, achieve instant results. 
  • It offers 24/7 premium customer support through email, phone, and ticketing system. 
  • TrustedProxies provide instantly scalable plans that allow you to flexibly meet the needs in any unwanted situations. 
  • The proxy provider offers multiple tools for SEO to boost your site. 

Pricing: the pricing states at $17 per month. 

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our list of the best private proxy providers in 2021! 

All the proxy providers mentioned above comes are ideal for every user. Depending on what your needs are, you can pick the right proxy for yourself. 

However, if the list was too overwhelming for you and you need them to pick the best private proxy provider, we recommend going with MyPrivateProxy or BrightData. 

Similarly, if you are looking for the most affordable private proxy provider, we recommend going with InstantProxies. 

In the end, pick the private proxy provider that fits your budget and fulfil all your requirements. Over to you, which private proxy providers are you going with? Let us know in the comments section below. 

FAQs on Best Private Proxy 2022
Why should I use a private proxy?

Private proxies are used for web scraping tools, to bypass geolocation restrictions, for SEO, sneaker websites, and more. Private proxies are highly secured and offer better anonymity compared to other proxies. Additionally, it is also used for gaming and craigslists. 

Can I use private proxies for free?

All the best private proxy providers come with their pricing plans. Although it is impossible to use private proxies for free, you can still go for free trials or take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

Which is the fastest private proxy provider?

MyPrivateProxy and HighProxies are some of the fastest and secured private proxy providers on the list. Both the private proxy provider comes with exceptional speed and uptime giving you a blazing-fast experience. 

Can my proxies be traced?

The good news is that proxies cannot be traced. A private proxy protects your identity by replacing your IP address. This avoids any third party to track your IP address including the government. 

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