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Money Back Guarantee · Multiple Locations · 99% Uptime · IP refresh · Highly Anonymous · 24/7 Support
Services: Private Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, Shared Proxies

My Private Proxy - $$$ off Bonus Limited Offer

Order any private proxy plan and receive extra $$$ in amount of proxies.
Money Back Guarantee · Multiple Locations · 99% Uptime · IP refresh · Highly Anonymous · 24/7 Support
Services: Private Proxies, Dedicated Proxies, Shared Proxies

My private proxy is a global provider of highly anonymous and private proxies for exclusive use. It provides solutions that range from private VPNS to shared Virtual Private Networks to virgin private proxy for special use. They use a customer oriented approach, where they provide the customer with easy access to the online services of their choice and operates from an area in the world.

The services provided

My private proxy specializes in the provisions of both the private proxies and Virtual Private Networks. Additionally, for each of the services that are offered by my private proxy, they offer both the shared and private access option. This is displayed along the wide range of customer based services that they offer.

The private proxies on offer

Unlike VPNs, which help users to bypass firewalls and to increase an individual’s level of anonymity and privacy, the private proxies main aim is to connect to certain otherwise inaccessible online services.

My private proxy has two types of proxies; the dedicated private proxies and the shared private proxies. Both of the proxies provided are HTTPS based; this means that through them a user can connect to any online service securely by the HTTPS protocol.

Though my private proxy offers both the private proxies and the VPNs, the services that are most specialized in due to their capability to promote private usage. Special use is used to mean that the given proxies are structured to connect to a given online service. These are made known once a visitor lands on their sites landing page.

What are the exclusive private proxies?

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Private proxies that have been provided with an aim to connect to a user at a given online platform are referred to as the individual use proxies. In layman’s terms, they are nothing more and nothing less than a HTTPS dedicated private proxy that can only be used by the person who bought them.

The special use private proxies became famous as only a few online service providers realized that users were experiencing massive difficulties when they tried to access or automate their services using the regular private proxies.

It was this issue that my private proxy became aware of and created the special use proxies. To solve the issue, they began proxy allocation according to a to the need of the particular buyer and the proxy history. Additionally, to add to the quality of anonymity services they provided and thus adapted the special use proxies.

My private proxies

In nature, all of the proxies provided by my private proxy are virgin in nature. This means that they have never again been used to connect to an underlying online service. Moreover, the offers are coated with an extra layer of safety.
The proxies are more about safety than security. This is because their primary services are not to provide privacy or safety but to ensure a better flow in connectivity. They thereby ensure safer connectivity.

Most of my private proxy users are SEO experts, marketers and other professional who need a safe connection to their desired online service. 90% of the private proxies used and implemented with an intent for making certain tasks automated.

The special use proxies offered by my private proxy

"My Private Proxy"

From the homepage, my private proxy describes the kind of special use proxies that they offer. The special use proxies are designed to work for a given online service such as Pokemon Go.

Virtual Private Network’s connections

As earlier mentioned, my private proxy provides both the private proxies and the private and shared VPNs. The services are almost identical in nature. The only outstanding difference is on who can be able to use and connect to the VPN.

A, private VPN, also referred to as dedicated VPN can only be used by a single user. On the other hand, a shared VPN can be split for use by several users, but the number of active users should not exceed three.
Full Specifications of the VPN

My private proxy uses a protocol in their VPN that is a split between Point-to-point tunneling protocol and OpenVPN, OpenVPN is a software application which is meant to implement various VPN techniques with an im of creating a secure site-to-site and point-to-point connections in bridged or routed connections and facilities which are in remote access.

VPN access

My private proxy ensures that a user with the help of the VPNs they provide can access a lot of their desired online actions such as; P2P data transfer and torrents.

  • Websites that have blocked them.
  • To bypass the social media firewalls that might be preventing entry
  • Unblock sites such as Viber and Skype.

Moreover, users located in certain countries could be able to securely and easily use the VPNs bypass the censorships that have been imposed on them by their governments such as restrictions and internet firewalls.

Is it safe to use the shared VPN on my private proxy?

My private proxy’s website offers different bundles for various VPNs. While a single VPN can help you encrypt the entre online traffic, a use of a shared VPN ensures higher anonymity levels. Every single VPN is used for different purposes.

The prices of the Proxy & VPNS

My private proxy offers a pricing model that is highly structured, and the price of your VPN is dependent on the number of VPNs that you will purchase and the period of your billing.

In summary, as mentioned, most of VPNs and private proxies are mainly used by professionals who need an underlying online service with which the proxy assume their names. There are different ways in which professionals use the proxies, but primarily, they are used for marketing purposes.

A buyer can select the location where they wish to have their private proxy location from. The locations are not limited and span from the Western Europe to the Pacific Coast.

To acquire their private proxy, the buyer can log in to their page, and under services, they can select the package that best suits their needs, and then selects their most affordable billing option. They can afterward comfortably enjoy the services of a private proxy from anywhere in the world.
To ensure safety, security and private, my private proxy is one of the best choices!

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