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Finding a reliable Internet Server that does provide a coupon code option at the end of the checkout page is such a blessing. For real, though, how many times have you faced disappointment by having to pay the total price for a product?

Especially when they had “claimed” to be having some discount coupons for it.

Too many, right? But guess what- your disappointing luck is out of the picture now, as UsenetServer has arrived! With its already affordable prices, plus throw in some promo codes (we’ll talk about it further in the article), you are up for a treat.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s check out Usenet’s verified Coupon codes, as well as the step-by-step procedure of claiming it.

Best UsenetServer Coupon Codes of 2023

Shopping is such an integral part of anybody’s life, be it for groceries, clothes, or instruments. Now, how would you feel if you get a free coupon code on one of the UsenetServer deals? (Because hello, it’s pandemic- no physical shopping.)

You would feel happy, right?

So, here we are- with your daily dose of happiness, aka. Verified Coupon codes:-

  1. Get up to 10% off for code- 


  1. Get up to 15% off for code- 


  1. Get up to $5 off for code-


How to apply the UsenetServer Coupon code?

Once you are subscribed to one of the UsenetServer subscription plans, the next process is quite simple. Anyway, To apply one of the UsenetServer coupon codes that we have mentioned above, simply follow the step-by-step instructions given below:-

Step 1: Go to UsenetServer

Step 2: Click on the “sign up” option in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Click on the “start now” button from any plan of your choice.

Step 4: Now, fill up your card details, or there is also an option to pay via Paypal. 

Step 5: And once you click on the green button displaying, “continue” – you would be redirected to the checkout page of UsenetServer.

Step 6: Now, as you’re done with the subscription plan, you’re free to search products in the search bar and add them to your cart as well.

Step 7: Once you’re done with your shopping and about to checkout, paste one of the above codes in the “promo code” box of your product.

And Voila! Your discount would be successfully carried out.

UsenetServer Overview

One of the oldest servers in the Business. From its high-end quality to fast pace and affordable price range- Usenet has held its relevance since ‘85. And since the headquarters is based in the US and Europe, the consistent speed connection and massive completion rates are much expected.

Along with the best retention (that were to be found worldwide), Usnet’s retention rates have only grown over time. But if you’re looking for many texts or articles, we are sorry to disappoint you, but Usenet can only be retainable for up to 4227 days.

That means you won’t be able to put your hand on any article beyond the last 12 years.

However, if we are looking at the perks of Usenet, then let’s begin by addressing 14 days free trial- and this trail comes with its mini benefits, aka. Unlimited access to Usenet’s Global search Engine.

And this search engine assists you in finding your desired articles across thousands of newspapers. On top of that- Usenet provides you a free of cost VPN (zero logs) with unlimited usage every month.

Lastly, Usenet is compatible with all devices, such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Features and Benefits

To be in the business for such a long time (that too, to stay relevant)- Usenet’s features deserve all the recognition. So, keep reading to know more about these features:-


Since UsenetServer provides 256-bit encryption (which is often grouped with TLS aka. Transport Layer Security) as a point of connection, it is safe to say it causes no harm.

And to double the security looking at the given time, UsenetServer also provides VPN. So every other month, you can pay $4.99 and enable the VPN- especially if you are using a public HotSpot.

Global search

Global search is an updated feature to help you find whatever you’re searching for!

4427 Days Retention

We all know that UsenetServer was launched back in 1985 and is available worldwide via several Google groups. And opposed to its 35 years- unfortunately, not all of their articles are available right now.

However, UsenetServer does promote 4427 Days Retention- meaning every tiny text or binary that’s ever uploaded since the last 12 years is retainable. 


The performance speed of UsenetServer is tested to be 50 Mbps.


UsenetServer charges up to 75% less (compared to other services) for unlimited data that gives you access to up to 20 SSL connections.

UsenetServer: Pricing

UsenetServer comes with three subscription plans, and all of them provide a 14 days free trial that provides 10GB of data (yay!). So keep reading to know more about the plans.

  • Month Plan – $14.95 
  • Annual Plan – $4.75 per month.
  • Quarterly Plan – $8.35 per month.

Is UsenetServer worth it?

Years went by, and more – and more social media platforms have been established. It’s always a race to be number one- A Game of Throne.

However, what’s your view? Do you think Usenet is still worth it?

Well, before jumping to any conclusion, let’s analyze it point by point.

Much safer than BitTorrent, at least.

As you know, when it comes to BitTorrent, downloading is always hard. It makes you wait quite a bit before there is a successful download. However, Usenet is much different. It doesn’t make you wait for a simple download. 

Plus, the download speed is much faster (maybe due to the complete bandwidth of its ISP). Whatever the case may be, Usenet gets brownie points for its Secure Socket Layer as well, and other than you, nobody has any clue regarding your download.

Usenet History and Future

As you may know, Usenet was founded by three University students (Jim, Tom, and Steve) way back in ‘85. What they did was take two computers that had Linux software and ran a copy protocol on them. Hence, they ended transferring information within their University.

If we compare it with Future, then it’s just pretty cool to see how fae Usenet had come a long way. Its interface is still advanced, with fast sharing, data, and communication is on point.

However, the number of users is increasing, as Usenet is a secure place for your craft. On top of that, the limited free trial is giving people into this powerful warlock of a creation.


To explain in a simple term, a Newsgroup is just like a discussion platform (be it paid or free). They all are available on Usenet. These are further segregated into few parts- Category, Sub-category, and Sub-caste. Now, if you check the interface, you will be able to spot the strength of Usenet, aka. XS Usenet.

Some of the premium features are as follow-

  • Endless speed
  • Endless data
  • 50+ connections
  • 1.1 k retention rates
  • Secure Socket Layer

And now, some of the free features are as follows:-

  • 2MB speed
  • Up to 25 GB internet
  • Up to 5 connections
  • No Secure Socket Layer
  • And 1.1 k retention rates

So, these points show Usenet is worth it, and you at least need to check it out once!


What is UsenetServer?

UsenetServer is gotta be one of the oldest Internet Servers, and ever since, it has been growing in retention as well speed and reliable customers yearly.

Should I be using a VPN with Usenet?

Is that even a question? VPN is a must- irrespective of how secure a website is! However, be rest assured as Usenetserver is indeed harmless. 

How do I get a real promo code?

The best possible way to be aware of promo codes would be discounting sites. For, e.g., You can check out DealsPlus and RetailMeNot- as these websites are well verified before publishing.

What are some of the most common promo codes?

Seasonal or Holiday phrases that come with 20 or something value after it (e.g., Summer20 or Chritsmas19 ) are some of the standard promo codes. Plus, SAVE10 is also one of the recurring codes you would notice.

The Final Thoughts

Thirty-five years in the Business, and yet Usenet has sustained its reliable position by providing high-quality security and lightning speed of the data, affordable subscription plans (with free 14 days trial), Global search, and even reasonable Retention rates, for that matter.

You may be wondering, “Wow! It couldn’t possibly get any better.” (Hah! Just wait and read)- to put the icing on this already mouthwatering cake, in the article above, we have listed some of the verified Coupon codes (that comes with 10 to 20% off). 

However, make sure you avail these codes before the expiry date. 

We hope you have found our article helpful. In case of any doubt or even appreciation feedback, do reach out to us in the comment section below.

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