Bright data Review – Best Proxy Network for Business

Do you want to know whether to go with brightdata or not?

Well, this was the same question I had before getting started with Bright data. However, once I got started — I was amazed to have a fast experience with the proxies of the Luminati. 

In this article, we are going to provide you an in-depth Bright review that consists of detailed insights into various aspects of Luminati features, pricing, dashboard, support, etc. 

I’d suggest you read the full review to know every aspect of Bright data.

Bright data Overview

Bright data is enormous, and the company knows it. It openly claims to be the world’s leading proxy provider and the most comprehensive proxy service. It’s also the only proxy company I’ve seen to declare itself as an ethical proxy network.

Bright data provides you with a pool of 40 million IPs where you can easily choose anyone from your choice. With all the astonishing features and customer support team that is always there for your support, one can quickly go for this Proxy. Along with that, Bright data provides you a 7-days paid trial where you can run Bright data's Proxy and test them. 

How does Bright data works?

A proxy server app or software acts as a medium between your computer system and web source. Then the server asks for a request from the source for you without revealing your identity. It is much more like it makes you anonymous and masks your IP address.

Bright data believes in providing maximum security and high-speed performance to its clients. When you enter any URL on the search box, you make a request to that particular website. Then it is forward to your proxy server which encrypts data into packets. These data packets can be only decrypted by your IP address.

That means Bright data creates a barrier much more like a filter between you and the transmitter. You'll receive the data without any middleman or server. And no one can bypass your security.

An ideal proxy server lets you switch your IP address and your location. It also protects your data from security breaches. Bright data got all of it which makes it a smart choice for users.

Key Features and Benefits of Bright

Bright data being the top proxy provider, has a strong reason behind its success and rapid growth, and that is, they built its Proxy following the customer needs. Bright data overgrew because of the high-quality services and the features that it delivers to its clients. Below mentioned are various features that have given Bright data a constant head start in their journey.

  • Any type of Proxy server: Bright data provides shared and exclusive data center, residential, and mobile IPs. The data center proxy is a server located in Bright data’s self-owned data center. It is the most economical type of Proxy. The residential proxies are given via the devices of home users. They have fewer chances of being blocked but are slightly more pricey. Mobile proxies use the support of cell phone providers. 
  • HTTP/ HTTPS/ SOCKS protocol supported: Unlike other proxy providers in the business where you do not get the support of SOCKS and HTTPS protocol Bright took a step forward and annexed everything to finish the unfinished and appended HTTPS and SOCKS protocol.
  • Authentication options: Bright data .io gives you two options for user authorization that is User: Password authentication and IP whitelisting. 
  • Active Customer service: Bright data is always on standby for its customer support. With its fast and responsive Email and Live chat support, one can get assistance within an hour or quickly.
  • 7-days Trial: Bright data gives its client a 7-days paid trial. If somehow you're not satisfied with the services, you can demand a refund within 168 hours of the billing.
  • Express speed: Bright data provides its customers with an undemanding rate, which is very durable for all kinds of tasks like streaming videos, Social media management, data scraping, etc. 
  • Global Targeting: Bright data gives you a feature where you can easily select your location from any part of the world. This determines the diversity in the list of Country selections Bright data possesses.
  • Countless sessions: Bright data facilitates its client to utilize proxies without limitation so that the client can surf on his desired website for his coveted time without being discovered.
  • Data Collection Automation: This technology enables you to store the data you want. You can access this data whenever you want.

How to Get Started With Bright data?

Getting started with Bright data is an easy task. One can get commenced with Bright data after acknowledging this simple method. Just follow these steps.

Step 1. Go to the official website of Bright data. 

Step 2. Create a new account by signing up. Click on Log-in if you already have an account.

Step 3. After that, choose a plan that suits your needs and click on it.

Step 4. You'll be redirected to the Payment page. Proceed to checkout.

When your payment is done, you'll be redirected to your dashboard. You can operate and use proxies from there.

Bright data Dashboard:  Ease Of Use

Bright data has added everything in making its dashboard user-interactive. Its layout is so simplified that it gives you a brief idea of your proxy server and the ongoing state. There are a lot of peculiarities that have been included in the dashboard of Bright data.

In the Bright data’s dashboard, you will be able to access and overview your existing plan, upgrade to another plan, access your current proxies, track down your traffic, whitelist your IP, and add your targeted website/web servers more.

In the dashboard itself, you will also get a tab for help and support to find solutions for the problems you are dealing with. You will also be able to keep track of the amount of data that you have consumed. Bright data’s dashboard makes your life and work easy, so you do not have to go through various links and tabs to find one particular thing.

Is Bright legit?

Bright data is an Israeli company. Israel is recognized for its strict data protection laws that rigidly and mainly narrow the government’s powers to behold on personal data.

In some places, using proxies is considered illegal because some websites offer their content to users who have paid license. And proxies can bypass such kind of access. 

In Bright data's case, it can avoid you from being blocked by the server because it gives you the toll of becoming a valid user. That's why it is completely legit.

Proxies Offered by Bright data

As we have already addressed the works of Bright data and the characteristics it provides, now it is time to understand the aids and the field specs of Bright data so that you identify everything before you buy it. Bright data offers, namely four types of proxies:

Datacenter proxies:  In the digital epoch, it is said that data is the modern gold. However, it might be defying to obtain a portion of nuclear details that might be yielded by the lack of good, swift, and trustworthy resources at your end. Bright data has a clarification to step up to the described challenge by presenting your Datacenter proxies.

Datacenter proxies are extensively used in the data extraction world for broad purposes like Brand protection, Market research, Ad verification, SEO monitoring, Ecommerce, Pricing Intelligence, Travel fare aggregation, and many more.

Bright data offers infinite Global locations. Datacenter proxies operate like first. A client that conveys a GET request to Bright data datacenter proxies, then in a seriously exciting time, your request to the chosen targeted website is quickly supervised and consolidated data commutes back to you. Isn’t that great?

Static Residential Proxies: These kinds of proxies are still. This means that your IP will remain constant throughout your web session time. 

You would be provided with an authentic IP of a legitimate user device that will not be changed throughout your session.

These kinds of proxies are helpful for many handy tasks like Social media management, SEO, etc.

  • Rotating Residential Proxies: Bright data has spent a notable amount of hard work on Residential Rotating proxies because their Rotating Residential proxies are among the best and most protected forms of the Datacenter proxies.

These Rotating  Residential proxies routinely change their IP addresses after every five minutes and with every new request you make. The new IP’s that are authorized to you are selected from a pool of many Residential IP, and an authentic Internet Service Provider provides that. These proxies are the most shielded because until hackers track you, you would be assigned another IP doing the same work without obstruction.

  • Mobile Residential Proxies: These proxies are used for mobile devices, as the name itself mentions. Your mobile device would be provided with a Residential IP of a legitimate user.

In mobile devices, Bright data has its Proxy named Hola VPN.

  • Bright data proxy manager: LPM that is Bright data Proxy Manager, is platform-independent, which means it works on Windows, MAC & Linux without constraints. It enables you to formulate proxies, to which you can join your  (or a third party) crawler or bot for scraping. 

You can maximize the speed and efficiency of your work by using the built-in templates that are provided with LPM.

  • Seemingless speed: Whether you go for their proxy services or rent a server with them, Bright data claims to have 1GBPS above lightning-fast speed without any constraints. The bandwidth is unmetered, and it helps you to boost your performance and experience.
  • Authorization and IP Refresh: Like many other chief proxies in the market, Bright data has also focused on maintaining users’ privacy and authenticity. They have two types of user-authentication methods that can be used to obtain your Proxy from any place in the world. The following stated are the two types of authentications that can be used:
  • Username: Password Authentication.
  • IP authentication.
  • Chrome extension: The Bright data proxy chrome extension lets browse the internet securely with the Bright data proxy. You can easily switch networks and quickly dispose of any of the user spamming. Also, these chrome extensions are so durable that your IP cannot be leaked at any instance.
  • API: Bright data has appended this option for the developers to integrate right with the Bright data exist. 
  • Consumer assistance: Bright data has by-far the best customer support among all the other proxy providers in the arena. They have not only FAQ’s but also social media assistance. Bright data have opted for highly trained technicians for your help.
  • 7-days trial: Bright data provides you with a seven days trial where you can try and test Bright data’s Proxy on all grounds and under any condition. If you are not happy with the features of Bright data, you can request a refund from Bright data.

Is Bright data Proxies Secure? 

When it comes to ‘Security,’ Bright data has left no new reservations for it. Bright data has made sure that all the postulates of Information Security are being achieved. The reason behind that is Bright data has Rotating Residential proxies that mean your IP address will be changing every 5 minutes. With each new request you make to the web server in that manner, IP cannot be tracked, and no hacker can break into your system.

As well as you cannot be caught from any website as the web server won’t be able to trace down the number of requests you make to the web server and also your session timings, so, in this secure manner, you can surf as much as you want without being warned or banned.

Bright data Proxies Performance Test

To check the performance test, we have tested Bright data with some other proxies. And in our opinion, comparatively it gave the best results from others.

Here's the breakdown of the tests we've done.

Downloading Speed: 47.38 Mbps

Uploading Speed: 39.12 Mbps

Ping: 0

Setup Guide.

You can set up Bright data within no time and without any hassle. Once you've purchased a proxy, you can open the dashboard. Here you can see the entire proxy system. 

Now log in to your proxy with username and select your IP. When all steps are done, start enjoying the services without being traced.

Plans & Pricing

It would be an injustice for Bright data if I would not mention its prices and their plans. Even though it provides the best services and features, Bright data has its price very reasonable. With all the security measures, Customer Support, and various kinds of proxies, one cannot complain about its price. We have done a teardown of the plans and its pricing for your comfort.

Starter Pack:

  • Datacenter proxies: 0.6$/IP – 0.095$/GB
  • Residential Proxies: 12.50 $/ GB 
  • Static Residential Proxies: 12.50/ GB – 0.50/ IP.
  • Mobile Proxes: 30$/ GB.
  • Monthly: 500$

Production Pack:

  • Datacenter proxies: 0.55$/IP to 0.085$/ GB
  • Residential Proxies: 10 $/ GB 
  • Static Residential Proxies: 10/ GB – 0.50/ IP.
  • Mobile Proxes: 28$/ GB.
  • Monthly: 1000$

Plus Pack:

  • Datacenter proxies: 0.50$/IP to 0.07$/ GB
  • Residential Proxies: 8.50 $/ GB 
  • Static Residential Proxies: 8.50/ GB – 0.50/ IP.
  • Mobile Proxes: 26$/ GB.
  • Monthly: 3400$

Plus Pack:

  • Datacenter proxies: 0.40$/IP to 0.05$/ GB
  • Residential Proxies: 3.00 $/ GB 
  • Static Residential Proxies: 3.0/ GB – 0.50/ IP.
  • Mobile Proxes: 15$/ GB.
  • Monthly: 30,000$

Does Bright data Offer Any Free Trial? 

Bright data offers a 7-day paid trial where users can use the Proxy services with all features. You can use it without any restrictions. If you're not happy with the services, you can request for a full refund within 7 days. 

Bright data guarantees to refund all your money within three days after the investment. We could not check this option ourselves as we initiated a trial period. But we have studied some online forums, and people say it works. Remember, you have to communicate with the support team to request a refund for your plan.

Customer Support

The customer support service of Bright data is amazing. They've got a team of experts and support staff that helps you with any problems. You can contact them with an email or set up a call with professionals. Email service is available 24/7. 

You can find developer-written blogs on their website that can help you overcome any problems. You can also follow Bright data's social media handle and subscribe to their YouTube channel to get notified with new updates & offers. Overall, the customer service of Bright data is amazingly responsive. 

Supported Devices

Bright data works perfectly fine on all devices whether it is Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can use it on any operating system without any restrictions. 

Pros Of Bright data

  • 99.99% uptime.
  • IP authentications.
  • Variable Proxy Packages
  • Cost-effective plans
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Limitless Sessions & Bandwidth
  • Self-explanatory Dashboard
  • Interactive User-Interface
  • Chrome extension.
  • API
  • Bright data Proxy Manager.
  • Geo distribution.
  • 100% legal and patented.
  • Concurrent sessions.
  • Exclusive IP’s.

Cons Of Bright data

  • It is a bit expensive but worth trying
  • It can be complicated at the beginning.
  • Strict procedures for KYC.


If you've gone through the complete article, you will realize that it is one of the best proxy providers in the market. It offers all the premium features that a proxy server needs. You have not only static residential IP addresses but also mobile proxies.

It offers fast and good customer support. You try the high-speed proxies with a paid 7-day free trial that comes with a money-back guarantee. In our opinion, it is the most suitable proxy that is worth your investment.

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