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How many times have you gone through the trial and errors – searching for a reliable proxy network with an affordable price range, speedy browsing, and dozens of attractive features? At least, more than once. Well, we are pleased to let you know that your quest is over!

In this post of YourPrivateProxy, we will take you through the step-by-step process of buying their proxies and attaining good discount coupons.

So let us begin with a small overview of YourPrivateProxy.

YourPrivateProxy Coupon codes of 2021!

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However, note that: you must avail of this code before its expiry date.

How to claim YourPrivateProxy coupon?

Once you have decided what subscription you want to opt for, the process to avail the coupon codes is quite simple. Follow our step-by-step instructions to do so:-

Step 1: Go to YourPrivateProxy

Step 2: On the top-right, click on “Buy Proxies.”

image 10

Step 3: Choose any Plan of your choice.

image 9

Step 4: Now, select the Plan as per your Proxies’ quantity.

Step 5: Further, select the location and Proxy Format, and IP.

Step 6: Add everything to the Cart.

image 8

Step 7: Finally, before checking out – paste the code in the “promo box” mentioned above.

To address it simply- YourPrivateProxy is created with a motive to secure your identity (original IP) while you are scrolling past unprotected sites. 

Depending on your Business requirement, YourPrivateProxy serves you in various ways- so you can even use the site for keeping an eye over your employment, e.g., you can track your employee's online activities (of course, during work hours). 

“But I already use VPN.” Fair enough, but just so you know- YourPrivateProxy is way more reliable. So keep reading to know more about it.

First thing first, as long as you’re subscribed to the site, there won’t be any change in your private proxy- meaning you can use the same IP again and again. And if by chance, you want to randomize your proxy, then you have to pay an extra fee.

With coverage of up to 20 locations, YourPrivateProxy provides two kinds of services- Data-oriented and Residential. Not just this site provides the most common proxies such as HTTP(s) but also SOCKS5: they are reliable, speedy, and way secure! 

Other than that, you can use the site for developing applications, multiplayer games, or many other things that would skyrocket not only your income but also your experience.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on YourPrivateProxy right away and claim those fantastic rewards. And oh, don’t forget to add discount codes (check out the next section).

YourPrivateProxy: Features and Benefits

Over the period, YourPrivateProxy is just growing in popularity! 

And due to its diverse customers and their even diverse requirements, YPP keeps adding new features to its list. So let us check out some of them:-

  • Full Privacy

Let’s face it, we all get Geo-restrict every once in a while, and to help us through it, YourPrivateProxy acts like a bypass. Moreover, while using those sites – YPP hides your original IP address, so even if any third party is snooping in your activity, your privacy is anonymous.

  • Locations

With up to 30 different locations, YourPrivateProxy gives you full liberty to choose any IP of choice. So, you can choose all the addresses from one particular region or each address from different regions.

  • Free Trial

YourPrivateProxy is kind enough to provide a free trial of 24 hours WITH all the features from subscription plans. Like how surreal is that? 

So now, you can check the proxies, know what works for you, and then go ahead and subscribe! We bet there is rarely any website that has done that. They sure give free trials for about a few days, but the features are always super limited. 

So cheers to YourPrivateProxy – they are winning hearts.

  • Two-step Authentication

Like any other website, YourPrivateProxy too demands verification. You can do it by classic – username and password method, OR by IP authorization. 

Regardless, both methods are essential and can be done for double security.

  • Randomization on Monthly Basis

Another cool feature that’s not been adopted by alternative sites is Randomization. So what is Randomization? Well, the process of switching/ replacing your proxies.

And while you’re choosing your proxies, you can even match them up with your locations. (All of this can be done through a control panel.)

  • Affordable Price Plan

To avail the best out of its subscription plan, you should always go with a plan that sells the highest proxies. So, in comparison to buying one proxy, this method is a lot cheaper.

  • Multiple Concurrence

As the name suggests, you can access one proxy from up to 20 connections. 

  • Speed

YourPrivateProxy has gone through several tests, and the results are much impressive, as YPP is much faster-paced in uploading or surfing the data.

  • Endless Bandwidth

As the name suggests, YourprivateProxy is dependent on proxies, and due to this, it doesn’t cause you any (beyond) bandwidth interruption even when you’re connected to multiple connection points.

However, you should be careful with the usage, as by chance, if you ruin the proxies, they would only replace one proxy for you. And then you will have to wait till your next payment to get the issue resolved.

  • ISP (Geo-location Test)

One of the prime motives of any proxy server is to disguise your original IP address by giving you access to another location without indulging in non-sequential addresses from several cities. And this feature passed the test as they also verified whether a proxy is from a specific location that they had mentioned.

YourPrivateProxy Pricing

As we have mentioned above, YourPrivateProxy provides two kinds of services, Data Center and Residential. Both of these Plans offer a monthly service. 

Also, note that: Currently, they are accepting payments only through Paypal.

So, keep reading to check their plans.

image 7

Data Center Proxy Plans:-

  1. $6.97 – One Proxy
  2. $14.97 – Three Proxies
  3. $19.97 – Five Proxies
  4. $29.97 – Ten Proxies
  5. $53.97 – Twenty Proxies
  6. $99.97 – Fifty Proxies
  7. $199.97 – Hundred Proxies
  8. $299.97 – One Hundred and Fifty Proxies
  9. $399.97 – Two Hundred Proxies
image 6

Residential Proxy Plans:-

  1. $9.97 – One Proxy
  2. $26.97 – Three Proxies
  3. $39.97 – Five Proxies
  4. $74.97 – Ten Proxies
  5. $139.97 – Twenty Proxies
  6. $324.97 – Fifty Proxies
  7. $599.97 – Hundred Proxies
  8. $899.97 – One Hundred and Fifty Proxies
  9. $1199.97 – Two Hundred Proxies
image 5

Is YourPrivateProxy worth it?

INDEED! YourPrivateProxy, by far, would be the only service that comes with this classic combo – 24 Hours free trial (with exclusive premium features) and Money Back Guarantee.

Their service is safe, efficient, and reliable.

With over 30 locations, you can choose the region of your choice. Moreover, it supports concurrent connections and gets connected through over five devices. Not just that, but every month you can swap your proxies (like, how cool is that!)

So go ahead and sign up on YourPrivateProxy; you can choose from two different plans – Data-Centric and Residential. 

And when you choose one plan, we would recommend going for at least 50 Proxies as the higher the Proxies, the more affordable the Proxies would be (compared to one single Proxy.)

Lastly, you can use their service for either streaming, marketing (high-demand), or any other thing you like! However, note that – YourPrivateProxy currently only accepts payments through Paypal.


It’s like one of those echoing places – you scream, “reliable proxy network in an affordable price range that delivers endless bandwidth and a good set of features,” and you get an echo back as, “YourPrivateProxy!”

But in all seriousness, YourPrivateProxy is by far the best Proxy network, as it thinks about its users first and lets you have a free trial (WITH ALL PREMIUM FEATURES!) And if you add discount codes, then the site is almost unbeatable.

So, in this post, we have covered the step-by-by process of firstly to avail those codes, and then YourPrivateProxy’s short review and bunch of features and Subscription plan.

We hope our article was helpful. However, don’t hesitate to write them down to us in the comment section below in case of any queries.


How do I apply multiple promo codes?

If it’s one of your lucky days, and the website allows you to use multiple coupon codes, then go with the code with the highest percentage off.

How do you use coupons online?

Once you have found a great coupon, simply copy-paste that code in the “promo code” box.

How can I get coupons for anything?

There are several ways by which you can get coupons; some of them are- 
Threatening to cancel their service, shopping for discounted products, and lastly, by simply asking about their discount coupons.

How do I get a YourPrivateproxy coupon?

First, finish your shopping at YourPrivateProxy and add proxies to the cart. Further, search for a good deal or coupon on any of those certified coupon websites. Then paste the code in the “promo code” box at the checkout page.

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