Smart DNS Proxy Review – Best Smart DNS for Streaming

Smart DNS Proxy Review
Smart DNS Proxy Review

Are you sitting on the fence about choosing a reliable proxy provider? If so we have got your back. 

Smart DNS is a well-known name when it comes to proxies that are easy to set up and provide exceptional speed and performance. 

In this post, we have featured an in-depth Smart DNS review. This review of SmartDNS proxy includes various aspects such as ease of use, features, pricing, device availability, etc. 

So let’s dive in smart dns proxy review. 

Smart DNS Proxies: Overview

SmartDNS is a lawful property of Global Stealth.Inc, a Seychelles firm that has been providing security solutions since 1995.

Smart DNS offers 88+ servers worldwide, enabling you to access Streaming media and Social media, making your life super productive and secure. It also allows you to torrent, and one feature that we like the most about Smart DNS is that it will enable you to select your server by your choice. It is Platform independent, which means no restriction based on operating Systems.

How Smart DNS Proxy Works?

The Smart DNS Proxy server operates as a gateway between you and your connection. It is an arbitrator between you and your targeted website/ webserver you wish to browse. If you are using the Smart DNS server, the internet traffic passes through your Proxy on its way to your device, having a dedicated IP. Then the GET request you make flows through this Proxy itself and forwards through this only.

Smart DNS does much more than just transmitting web requests. Smart DNS servers act like a filter so you can get shared network connections. smartly accumulates cache data to speed up your frequent web requests.

The Smart DNS Proxies allow you to change location and IP to maintain your confidentiality. The dedicated server protects your identity from hackers. Even your internet service provider won't be able to track your activity.

Smart DNS Proxy Feature

Smart DNS provides you with a bunch of features that won’t resist you from grabbing this Proxy. Since Smart DNS entered the market, they mostly concentrate on fulfilling the user’s prospects. To maximize the growth of the company, they made their most of the services customer-centric. Here are some of their premium features:

  • Smart DNS is Geo-Restriction free, which means that it allows us to surf through the geo-restricted sites.
  • Smart DNS allows to stream through media services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, ABC, HBO, Pandora, and many more.
  • Smart DNS is a service provider that is comparatively faster than VPN. We will get to know about this in the article below.
  • Smart DNS has on-time customer support that helps you out with all your problems. They have highly skilled professionals that will guide you throughout your process.
  • Smart DNS provides you with unlimited bandwidth speed that allows you to enjoy the Proxy without any interruption.
  • You can obtain blocked websites from different regions simultaneously without having to connect to various servers.
  • Smart DNS is designed in a way that does not affect your internet speed.
  • With Smart DNS, you unlock around 290+ websites that are restricted in your region.
  • Smart DNS is available at a very affordable price than other proxy service providers on the market.
  • Smart DNS has instilled a robust and protected algorithm for its encryptions like PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSTP, etc.
  • Smart DNS provides you with a 14-days trail that is the most that any proxy provider in the market is offering.

Smart DNS Proxy Registration

The Registration Process

Were you planning to make your move and get a hold of Smart DNS? Then you have to go through some necessary steps to become a legitimate user. Follow these steps to complete the registration.

  1. Visit the official website of Smart DNS and click on the Signup tab. 
  2. If you have an existing account, then click Login.
  3. If you don’t have a plan, you will be redirected to the Subscription page. Here you can select a suitable plan for your device. 
  4. After selecting a plan, click on terms & conditions.
  5. Now the page will be forwarded to the Payment page. Fill up the necessary details and proceed to checkout.   
  6. When your payment is completed, your page will directly land to the dashboard.

Make sure to check all the availability of the subscriptions because proxies swiftly run out of service. 

Smart DNS Dashboard Walkthrough

The dashboard of Smart DNS is very simplified and can be easily understood by anyone if you are not tech-savvy. They regularly update and add new features for the sake of their customers. All the standard and premium proxies don't have any complex stuff included in their service that might confuse you. 

You can track the state of your proxies from the dashboard. You can also renew your existing plan directly from the dashboard. The only downside of the dashboard is that you won’t get live chat functionality, but you can still get in touch with Smart DNS through Emails.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Legit?

Yes – making use of a Smart DNS is entirely legit. Even Google server offers a permit to free DNS server addresses for the clients who want to change their DNS addresses. Still, it’s essential to mention that your Internet Service Provider might end up interfering with you while you are on a server using a Smart DNS using a Transparent DNS. But if that occurs, it doesn’t quantify to be illegal or unlawful to use Smart DNS.

However, you must remember that illegal online pursuits are still considered as a criminal offence that is punishable with or without the use of Smart DNS proxy.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Free?

No- Smart DNS proxies are not free. Smart DNS charges you for what they cater to. Smart DNS proxies are engineered to help you complete the incomplete. You can easily stream videos, change your geo-location, torrent, etc.

The pricing plans of Smart DNS are so affordable and non-negotiable that one can't complain about it. They charge so reasonably that one cannot resist buying it once he sees the prices. We have also done a breakdown of the pricing in this article itself, so do give it a complete read to know about it.

SMart DNS Servers

Smart DNSProxy only offers 30+ servers present in 30+ countries all across the Globe. However, they do not specify if they give virtual or physical servers convenience to their users.

Fortunately, you can count on using this VPN because all its servers guarantee users’ P2P activities in the right way. Here’s a list of countries where Smart DNS has its servers present.

  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  •  France 
  • Germany
  •  Greece
  •  Hongkong
  •  India 
  • Ireland
  •  Italy
  •  Japan 
  • Malaysia
  •  Mexico 
  • Mozambique
  •  Nepal
  •  Netherlands 
  • New Zealand 
  • Norway
  • Russia
  •  Saudi Arabia 
  • Singapore
  •  South Korea
  •  South Africa 
  • Spain
  • Sweden 
  • Sudan
  •  Switzerland
  •  Turkey
  • Ukraine
  •  The United Arab Emirates
  •  The United Kingdom
  •  The United States
  •  United States West
  •  United States East
  •  The United States south Vietnam
  • Vietnam


The smart DNS service does not give any encryption, so you will need to get access to the full VPN to gain privacy from your internet service provider and the web sites or the web servers you use.

Both privacy policies and terms of use are well mentioned and give exceptional clarity about the company’s operation. In it, the firm highlights the information they assemble and why they collect one thing worth bearing in mind: the form does not receive any of your IP addresses when you join to lock the smart DNS service to the residence. 

Performance Test (Work test, location test, speed test)

To know the speed and uptime, we ran a performance test with Smart DNS proxies. We also compared the speed and response time with other proxies. And it gave slightly better results comparatively. 

We also differentiate the results with the test scripts designed by us. In conclusion, it gave a decent downloading and uploading speed. But the server latency wasn’t that good. It was supposed to be low but it was badly high. Here are the results:

Downloading speed: 11.10 Mbps.

Uploading speed: 9.80 Mbps.

Ping: 108

You can use Smart DNS proxies for streaming Netflix and other media shows and also, etc. I can say it won’t let you down in this field.

How to set up the Smart DNS proxy?

Follow these easy steps to set up the Smart DNS proxy. It will take only a few minutes to make it ready for use.

Step 1. Visit the official page of Smart DNS or click here to directly reach their website.

Step 2. Purchase a suitable plan for your device. First-time users can also try the 14-day free trial.

Step 3. After completing the purchase, go to their ‘How to Setup’ section.

Step 4. Select the device you’re using and click on Setup

In this section, you’ll find step by step guides for every device whether it's Windows, Mac or a smartphone. After the setup, turn your Proxy on and enjoy the services.

How to unblock streaming services With Smart DNS? 

Smart DNS gives you an unblocking feature where a client can unblock and surf many popular websites like Youtube, CNN, Netflix, Hulu, etc. without facing any kind of problem. At the same time, they also permit you to access social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The reason behind Smart DNS being able to unblock such a significant number of websites is that it has 400 servers present across the Globe along with 4 DNS IP’s with load balancers. These servers help in maintaining the redundancy and assists in maintaining the speed.


Smart DNS has its Proxies fare very reasonably set, and I am pleased to see the prices they have set for its proxies. You will get the same services with all plans. 

  • Monthly Plan: 4.90$.
  • 3Months Plan: 12.09$ (12% Discount).
  • 12 Month Plan: 39.90$(32% Discount).
  • 24 Months Plan: 49.90$(58% Discount).


Unlike other proxy services that don't offer a refund policy, Smart DNS offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you somehow are not getting the services as you thought or you face other problems, you can demand for a refund within 30 days of payment. You get a full refund without any question asked.

Does Smart DNS offer a free trial?

Most of the proxy providers don't offer free trial but Smart DNS is the budding proxy provider. They offer a 14-day free trial which includes proxies with all features. 

You don't have to pay a single penny for this trial. With the free trial, you can try all of their services before purchasing paid proxy servers.

Apps and supported devices

When it comes to an understanding of its compatible feature, We found that Smart DNS Proxy is quite efficient and equal to the task. The service is highly compatible and works perfectly fine with famous operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS.

Furthermore, Smart DNS is also working on other devices like Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Set-top boxes.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot ratings, Reddit

If we look at the ratings on Reddit, most of the customers have rated Smart DNS Proxies Excellent as you can see that 64% of the users have claimed Smart DNS best.  

Customer Support

Whether you have made a query about technical, payment, or upgrade issues, the support staff of Smart DNS is 24/7 ready to deliver solutions to your queries. 

You can contact them via email from their customer support page. Also attach files and other informative details about the query before sending the mail. You'll get a quick response from experts. They take a maximum of 1 hour to respond. 

Unfortunately, the live service is not that quick. You may have to wait hours to get a response. On the other hand, you can visit their FAQs section to solve the common problems by yourself. You can even follow Smart DNS on their social media platforms to get updates on their latest offers and plug-ins.


  • Pocket-Friendly.
  • Live chat support.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Easy Installation.
  • P2P permitted.
  • 30-days Money-back Guarantee.
  • 14-days free trial.
  • Website Unblocker.
  • Permit for streaming sites.


  • Limitations are there in the starter plan

Smart DNS Proxy Review | Conclusion

Smart DNS has a long-term experience on providing proxies. They may have had faults in the past, but now they've upgraded and made a respectable place among top proxy providers. 

Their official website consists of all the valuable details in step-by-step guides. They also offer a 14-day free trial with all paid features included. If you've got any issues, customer support is 24/7 available at your service. Try the premium services now for Free before the offer disappears. 

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