Leaf Proxies Discount Code

Leaf proxies discount code

It’s easy to get banned from sites while sneaker copping. It thus becomes necessary to find suitable sites where you can purchase legitimate proxies and avoid getting banned.

Suppose you’re thinking of buying these proxies and are confused; fear not. One of the most famous providers is www.leafproxies.com. They have been in the market for a very long time and are definitely safe and legit. 

If you want to purchase proxies from them, you surely need to look at this article first. Their official website says very little about their products and services in general, so it could get confusing if you’re a new customer.

We have listed the different types of proxies sold by the website and how you can save money on the website by using codes. Keep reading to know how to avail these coupon codes and save some bucks!

How to get coupon codes for Leaf Proxies?

Looking for active and verified coupons online can be difficult. You’ll have to figure out if these coupons that you’ve found actually work or not, and that can be a waste of time.

We have made the search easier for you and listed active and verified discount codes you can use on Leaf Proxies.

Working coupon codes for Leaf Proxies

Coupon code for 15% off site-wide on Leaf Proxies:

  • LEAF15

Coupon code for 20% off site-wide on Leaf Proxies:


Coupon code for 25% off site-wide on Leaf Proxies:


Note:  These discount codes are only active for a limited time. So make sure to use them ASAP. 

Nonetheless, we update coupon codes frequently here. So, make sure to come back to this page after a few days if the coupon code mentioned above does not work! You can bookmark the page for easy access. 

How to avail of Leaf Proxies discount codes?

Now that you have acquired these active promo codes, the next step is to redeem them. Follow the steps below to redeem the codes:

Step 1: Go to the Leaf Proxies website

image 11 3 1

Step 2: Browse through their product categories and add your desired Proxies to the cart.

Step 3: At the top right corner of the page, select the car icon. Then click on checkout. 

image 11 4 1

Step 4: On the right side of the page, you’ll be asked to provide a discount code. You can copy any of the codes mentioned above.” and paste them here. 

image 11 5 1

Step 5: Click on Apply. You have now availed of the discount.

image 11 6 1

Step 6: Now, fill in your personal details on the left-hand side of the page. Then click on “Continue to Payment.” 

Step 7: Fill in your billing information and select Pay Now.

Leaf Proxies Overview 

Leaf Proxies is a famous proxy provider selling residential and data center proxies. They have large proxy pools of over 100 million residential IPs. 

They mainly cater to the sneaker copping industry and offer various plans for proxies. However, we all want to save money wherever we can. Thankfully, there are ways to do so. One such way is coupon codes or promo codes. You can paste these codes on the checkout page and avail a decent discount. To not miss out on such great offers, carry on reading. 

Leaf Proxies pricing

Leaf Proxies have various products on their website, here’s how they’re all priced:

Residential Proxy Plans: 

They offer residential proxy plans, which come with 60 days of validity. The pricing is based on the bandwidth, and if you consume all the bandwidth you have bought before the 60 days, your connection will still end.

image 11 11

1GB: $19.50

2GB: $39.00

4GB: $67.50

Datacenter Proxy Plans:

You can either buy their monthly or daily proxies. Daily proxies have individual Monday to Sunday plans. They also offer last-minute proxies.

  • Monthly Proxies:

You can buy 10, 25, 50, or 100 proxies with unlimited bandwidth. The proxies are active for 30 days. Prices start from $16.50. These plans get sold out very quickly. 

  • Daily Proxies:

You can buy proxies for specific days of the week and only use them on those days. 

Prices start from $9.99. 

image 11 1 20

Last-Minute Proxies

Last-minute proxies start from $9.99. These are active till 10:15 PM EST from the time of purchase of the same day.

image 11 9 1


They offer Nike Premium CA Number Accounts.

These are for $1.40

image 11 8 1

Windows Server

They also offer premium windows servers starting from $50.

Location: Virginia-Ashburn

image 11 7 1

Leaf Proxies features

Wondering why you should invest in Leaf Proxies? Here are some great features:

  1. Residential proxies:
  • A residential proxy is an IP address that an ISP gives. Each residential proxy they offer has a legitimate physical location. 
  • This is a great and secure way to access geo-locked content which would otherwise be inaccessible without the proxy. 
  • You can buy 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB plans.
  • They have unique pools for every site, and many countries 
  • You get elite drop proxies with every plan
  • The plan is active for 60 days from the date of purchase or until you use up all the data.
  • If you make a new purchase and have an active plan already, your existing data can be added to the new purchase.

Note: since it’s a digital service, they offer no refunds. And this holds for all of their other digital services too.

  1. Data Center Proxies
  •  Monthly proxies:
    • These are active for 30 days. 
    • They offer unlimited bandwidth and run 24/7
    • Locations: Ashburn, VA, and London, UK.
    • Captcha harvesting is allowed.
  • Weekly proxies:
    • You can buy data center proxies for any day of the week separately
    • If you only want to use proxies on a specific day, you can buy their weekday plans for a one-day duration instead of having to spend more money on a monthly plan.
    • These work on most of the sneaker and retail sites.
    • You will receive your daily proxies at 10:10 PM EDT.
  1. Last-minute proxies:
  • Their last-minute proxies are of great help and have instant delivery.
  • These are active from the time of purchase till 10:15 PM EST of the same day. 
  • The VA location proxies work on sites such as Supreme, Shopify, Nike, Addidas, and more.
  • The UK location proxies work on most EU sites, Nike, Addidas, and many more.
  1. Accounts:
  • Leaf Proxies provide premium Nike CA Numbers accounts.
  • These are useful for buying from Nike because you can quickly get chain blocked when you use multiple accounts. If you use these proxies, you can prevent getting blocked. 
  • These are verified accounts.
  • Work both in US and UK regions
  • You get valid Sim/Canada mobile numbers
  • They offer a 30-day guarantee on these accounts, and if they dont work, then you could get a free replacement.
  1. Servers: 
  • These are premium leaf servers that give unmetered bandwidth
  • There is very low latency for major sites
  • They can be easily integrated with Leaf Dashboards
  • These servers are active for 30-days from when you purchase them, but you can opt for auto-renewal 

Is Leaf Proxies worth it?

If you have a small business or a private business, rest assured, this site would greatly help you. When you’re copping sneakers and don’t have any proxies, your order can get canceled, or worse, get blacklisted since you’re using only one IP address. 

With Leaf Proxies, you can avoid such hindrances and easily cop sneakers. Using multiple IP addresses will make it seem like the sneakers are being brought from multiple places, and your order will be safe. That way, Leaf Proxies is of great help and definitely worth it. 

Their customer support is excellent and very quick to respond. You can reach out to them on Discord which is active 24/7, or on Twitter and E-Mails.

All in all, Leaf Proxies offers excellent services, and if one can afford it, they should definitely avail them. However, if the price is a little too much for you, you can easily use the discount coupons from this article and get some great prices! 


We know it can be a little intimidating with all the different sites offering you proxies. But rest assured, Leaf Proxies is a legitimate and great proxy provider with lots of plans to choose from.

We hope this article helped you get some nice coupons and save money on Leaf Proxies! Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have further questions.

 leaf Proxies Discount Code FAQs

Are Leaf Proxies good?

Yes, they are a well-established proxy provider offering legitimate proxies and good services. This is a great site for finding proxies for sneaker copping.  

Do discount codes work?

Companies make discount codes as an incentive for customers to use their services. As long as your discount code is active, it will certainly work. Check out this article to find active and new discount codes for Leaf Proxies.

Are proxies from Leaf Proxies safe?

Yes. Leaf Proxies offer great and reliable residential and data center proxies. They have a large database of 100 million IPs

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