InstantProxies Coupon Code

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InstantProxies Coupon Code
InstantProxies Coupon Code : Last Verified 2 Hours Ago

Looking to get your hands on InstantProxies’ discounted prices? We can help you with that. 

In today's world, proxies have become significant. Everyone is searching for good proxy services on the cheap. Luckily, InstantProxies is a great platform to provide you with that. 

The webs most advanced private proxy service.

Now, we understand that finding these discount codes and the proper way to avail them can be a little annoying. How to get the codes, if the codes even work or how to use them on the website- too much work! 

How to get started with

But, worry not, as we’ve done all the homework for you. In today’s article, we’re going to tell you all about InstantProxies coupons and some other money-saving perks.

Let’s get started.

InstantProxies: Working coupon codes 2021

At present, InstantProxies is not offering any kind of discount on its services. But, don’t be saddened as discounts keep coming and going. We will update as soon as a new offer comes up so make sure you bookmark this page. 

Many websites claim to have working InstantProxies codes. We suggest you not waste your time on them as the codes or links that they claim to be real are most of the time fake.

Another important thing to note is that InstantProxies do not have the option to enter coupon codes at their checkout page. So even if you tried to test the fake codes, you wouldn’t be able to. 

However, you can still purchase any plan from InstantProxies and claim your money back with their refund policy if you don’t like their services.

How To Get Started With InstantProxies

Step 1: Go to InstantProxies’ official website.

Step 2: Click on “Pricing” on the homepage.

image 19 1

Step 3: Here you will see all the services that they offer. Click on “Test Now” under a service of your preference.

image 18

Step 4: Choose your desired number of proxies and the purpose you require it for and then click on “Order Now”. 

image 17

Step 5: You will be redirected to the checkout page now. Here, if you are a new customer, click on “New Customer” and fill up your details. If you are already a client, click on “Existing Customer” and sign in. 

image 16

Step 6: Choose your preferred mode of payment. You can choose between PayPal, BitPay (Bitcoin) and 2CheckOut (CC). 

image 15

Step 7: Finally, click on checkout and complete the payment.

image 14 1

You have successfully made your purchase on InstantProxies. 

Refund Policy 

Do you often overthink before buying a new product from a new site and worry about your money going to waste? Well, with InstantProxies you can spare yourself of this one trouble as they have a 7-day refund policy. 

After purchasing, in case you are not satisfied with InstantProxies’ services, you can request them for a free refund. They don’t charge any kind of fees nor do they deduct any amount from your payment. You get the full amount back in your wallet.

So, although they do not have an actual free trial service, the refund policy is no less. You can use InstantProxies’ services at peace for 7 days and if you don’t like it, you can ask for your money back. 

Here’s how you can request money back. 

Step 1: Go to InstantProxies’ official website and log in to your account.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on “Support”. 

image 14 1 1

Step 3: On the support page, you need to fill up the support ticket form by entering your details and your message to them.

image 14 1

In the message box, request your money back, attaching proofs of the date of your purchase. Also, you may write the reasons as to why you want to cancel their services.  

image 13

Step 4: At last click on “Submit”. 

image 12

Congratulations! Your support ticket is successfully submitted and their team should get back to you very soon. 

Availability Checker

The Availability Checker fills up the void of free trial service. With this tool, you can test InstantProxies’ services as many times as you want before you make a purchase. 

So, before you buy their services, make sure to take advantage of this tool. You can even choose the number of proxies and the purpose of your test. 

You can find the Availability Checker on their official website or click on this link. 

Instantproxies review: In a nutshell

Invasion of privacy is a dangerous possibility on the internet today. In certain instances, it can result in the loss of vital data and knowledge. This is why businesses and even private users have begun using proxies. What proxies can do is help you pretend to be someone else by protecting your actual IP address.

InstantProxies is a service provider company that grants you a proxy for the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Its sole purpose is to provide high-quality private proxies. Customers are provided with high-quality private proxies at reasonable rates.

InstantProxies is attempting to solve this issue of data invasion. It was created in response to the need for safe internet connections. It has a reliable and straightforward plan for users to browse for general purposes or even on specific websites like YouTube, Amazon, etc. They have a massive selection of proxies. Even if they happen not to have the proxy you want, you can request them for it, and they will make it available. 

 You can also handle your social media through its proxies, as it is compatible with most social media. Applications. They provide an efficient customer support system with live support available 24x. A tutorial is available for beginners who want to learn how to use the proxy application step by step.

InstantProxies: Features 


Anonymity is the critical feature in using private proxies. Instantproxies protect your IP address from being compromised by dodgy sites. It essentially creates a wall between you and the threat, so all potential harm is stooped outside the proxy server. This is why a private proxy server is always recommended over a free public server.

Unlimited Bandwidth 

Most proxy servers out there come with a bandwidth limit. This means that you run out of bandwidth once you’ve crossed the allowable amount. It’s either pretty expensive to opt for a plan with unlimited bandwidth or just not available.

Instantproxies, though, is one of those proxy providers that offer you unlimited bandwidth. Even with their cheapest plan at $10, you can enjoy this feature.


Instantproxies is well-reputed in providing cheap but reliable services to its users. You could choose a plan from $10 right up to $500; just choose the plan that fits your needs. In conclusion, they provide one proxy per $1. With its numerous benefits, that's a steal for sure. 

Great speed

For a smooth browsing experience, you must have a high-speed server. Instantproxies offer servers that can run at 1000+ Mbps. On its worldwide proxies, Instantproxies provides an even better proxy speed. 

Good Uptime

Instantproxies is extensively known for its reliable servers. They monitor it at all times and make sure no server is down or has any errors. Their servers are running well almost at all times. This means they have a 99.9% uptime. That significant number proves that the servers are barely down or facing technical issues. You can even visit their official website and scroll down to check their network status. 

7-day refund policy

Instant proxies offer their users a 7-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the experience or service of the proxies you have purchased, you can request cancellation. Keep in mind that the refund policy is applicable only if you have purchased within the past seven days. Such a policy is suitable for users to test the service since Instantproxies has no free trial period. 

User support

Their official website has several articles to guide you through the whole process. It has tutorials and informative articles on the kind of services you would be granted and how to go about certain things.

Their website offers 24×7 live chat support. If, in any case, the support agent isn’t available to respond and there is a query you want to ask, you can even send a support ticket. There will be professional help provided within a few hours.

Smartphone compatibility

Smartphones do have IP addresses, so they can run proxies to protect these. Instantproxies even extends its services for mobile devices. Just make sure to authorize your mobile’s IP address in the Instantproxies control panel.

Instantproxies: Pricing

Instantproxies give an option to choose between six different pricing plans. The price of the plan differs based on the number of geo cities/subnets and the number of proxies.


Besides the count of proxies, cities, and subnets, certain features are available in all plans.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Elite Anonymity
  • Control Panel
  • Chat Support
  • Instant Setup
  • Monthly Price


With all the figures and features we mentioned, it is easy to say that Instantproxies is one of the best names out there. If you are just beginning with proxies, you can rely on their services. Their user-friendly operation, excellent customer service, and various plans give freedom of choice for those just beginning with proxies and those that have already experienced them.

On top of their affordable price rates, Instantproxies even welcomes coupon discounts. There are multiple sources out there to get your discount link and codes, or you can even find them through their official sources.

Your smooth and safe browsing experience is guaranteed with Instantproxies. So make sure to use the coupon redeeming steps to get that discount! 

InstantProxies Coupon FAQs

When will I receive the proxy after ordering?

After you complete payment for your order, InstantProxies will send you an email with details of your order instantly.

How much discount can you get using our Instaproxies coupon code?

As of now, there is no active coupon code for Instaproxies. However, they are offering a 7 days money-back guarantee. Using this opportunity you can try Instaproxies for free. 

When will be the working Instaproxies coupon available?

We can’t predict the exact time and date, however, you can check on their official site regularly to make sure any sale is going on. 

Is InstantProxies safe?

InstantProxies has proved to be a safe, secure, and reliable website. It only collects information necessary for their service to you.

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