Easynews Free Trial Account Hack February 2023 – Claim Your Free Account Now

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In a quest of how to get an Easynews free trial account?

It ends here. We’ve got you a step-by-step guide on how to claim the Easynews free trial account in just a few steps.

If you like to enlighten or get enlightened about current happenings, you should try Easynews Usenet. You will only need to sign up for a new account.

To make your first experience hassle-free, we have come up with this step-by-step guide, which will

Do not dawdle; loosen up and go through the article thoroughly to claim your free trial on Easynews.

How to get a Easynews free trial account (step by step) 

Easynews Free Trial

Step #1: Visit the official website 

Click on the link to visit Easynews Usenet Newsgroup’s official website. Your journey with Easynews starts from here.

The website also shows the specifications of Usenet and a brief of what Easynews offers. 

image 12

Step #2: Click on Start free trial

On their homepage, you will see an option to Start free trial on the right side of the page in orange.

Click on the button to start your 14 days free trial. In this free trial period, you will be supplied with 50 GB of data to use. 

image 11

Step #3: Choose a plan

Easynews presents 3 tiered membership options for its users. Classic, Big gig, and Plus plan are the plans to choose from.

All the features, including the price of these plans, are mentioned on the page because of which it’s easy to select any one according to your desire.

Click on the chosen plan and then click on Start free trial at the bottom of the screen.

image 10

Step #4: Details and Payment

image 9

This step requires a valid E-mail ID. After entering your e-mail ID, you will need to select a payment method and enter the required details/ information.

You can either try to pay using a credit card or using PayPal. Both of the modes are safe and secured. 

[Note: Do not forget to click on accept the terms of service right above the “start now” button] 

Step #5: Start now

image 8

Once you click on Start Now, you will be an official member of Easynews. You can now enjoy your free trial of 14 days.

You will still remain a member even after the end of your trial and utilize the benefits of your membership. 

Easynews Key features

Easynews provides a lot of convenient features for its members. Few of which are mentioned below in short.  

Accessible Online

One of the biggest advantages of Easynews is that its content is available online worldwide. You can access anything from anywhere, anytime. 

Fastest download speeds

Easynews ensures to make your download experience smooth and effortless by not letting your download speed be throttled. 

Best searches

With the help of its uniquely designed web-based search technology, Easynews can provide you with the most accurate search results.

No configuration needed

Easynews is extremely user-friendly, and absolutely no setup is required to start with your account. All you require to do is sign up or log in, and you’re set to use it as per your desire. 

Ability to view, download and search files from the browser

Easynews gives you access to unlimited data that you can search, view, and/or download without any restrictions. 


Easynews has three different plans viz Classic plan, Big Gig plan, Plus Plan.

image 7
  • Classic Plan: $9.98/month
  • Big Gig Plan: $9.99/month
  • Plus Plan: $14.97/month
  1. Classic Plan: The very basic plan that Easynews offers is the classic plan, best designed for beginners. Costing only $9.98 per month makes it affordable for all kinds of members. 
  2. Big Gig Plan: This particular one is highly recommended for everyone. It is their best value plan since the cost is reduced to $9.99 from $29.94/3 months. Since free unlimited NNTP, as well as free Zero Log VPN, is already included in the package, you won’t have to worry about any extra cost. Most members of Easynews choose this plan because of the benefits and affordability. 
  3. Plus Plan: The biggest difference between the features of this plan and the classic plan is that the Plus plan offers more data per month as compared to the classic plan. Plus plan promises up to 40 GB downloads per month. This can be good for people who like to keep records of things or people into research.  

All of these plans are well suited for any purpose. It also has a few modification options regarding VPN and NNTP. 

Easynews Overview

Easynews Usenet is known for delivering the best search results at stunning speeds. Easynews is one of the oldest names in the Usenet newsgroup; Easynews has a massive user base.

Usenet provides its users with electronic newsgroups for discussion, where information and opinions can be shared with people from any corner of the whole world.

You have the freedom to write and publish your articles and express your views on the articles you read.

Newsgroup involves a list of varied topics categorized based on the content, such as computers, science, humanity, recreation, social interest, debates, news, etc. Access to Easynews isn’t limited to just desktops is what makes it unique.

As it provides a browser-based interface, Easynews can also be accessed through various browsers (e.g., firefox, google chrome, safari) and its apps for android, windows, and iOS. Easynews’ binary retention is, without a doubt, its best feature.

It refers to the time the service offers binaries; for Easynews, it’s about 4556 days, which is more than 12 years. Easynews is objected to having the best retention and keeping its servers updated for the same so that content from 12 years before would still be available.

Similarly, Easynews aims to present its users with the best search results. With unlimited speed, more than 4.5 thousand days of binary retention, and 60 connections, its performance so far has always been


To conclude, we can surely say that Easynews is the best out there. It serves as it promises and is definitely worth using. Easynews is the oldest and the best to date.
We guarantee you will realize the same before even finishing your free trial.

So without wasting any further time, let’s ensure to get your hands on the free trial using our guide and have fun reading and publishing.
Please keep visiting our site from time to time for more favorable offers.

Easynews Free Trial FAQs

1. What is a NNTP server?

NNTP stands for Network News Transfer Protocol. It is specially designed for newsgroup articles. It is used for transferring articles to networks over the internet. 

2. How does unlimited NNTP work?

Easynews is accessible either through HTTP or the Usenet browser NNTP. Having unlimited NNTP means anything that you browse through NNTP will not be counted against your HTTP gigs. 

3. Does Easynews provide unlimited NNTP?

Yes, Easynews does offer unlimited NNTP in all of their plans at a reasonable cost. 

4. How do I reactivate my canceled Easynews account?

You can reactivate a canceled account by simply logging in here. After logging in, you need to update your payment details, and your account will be reactivated.

You can also change your password later on through account settings.

5. How does Easynews VPN support work?

Easynews presents a free Zero-log VPN included in the Big Gig plan.

Easynews also offers more than 80 VPN servers with hidden IP addresses. It even allows the use of two VPN servers simultaneously.

6. Why does my credit card keep getting declined at the time of payment?

Most of the times when a credit card is rejected are because the information filled in during payment does not match with the card details.

Make sure to double-check your filled information, so it matches exactly to your card details.

In case the problem still occurs, you can try using a different card or a different payment method. 

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