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Have you checked the Clock yet? 

Well, it’s time for you to kiss goodbye to the VPN; and embrace DSLRoot instead. However, unlike most VPNs, DSLRoot is not available for free. But, so what if you cannot access it for free? We have other tactics! (As they say- where there is a will, there is a way.)

Since DSLRoot is not available for free- it blessed us with a redemption gift, aka. Discount codes. So in this article, we have briefly touched upon DSLRoot and its Discount codes. 

And further, give you a step-by-step process to claim these codes.

DSLRoot Overview: A Nutshell

To put it simply- DSLRoot is the high-end version of VPN.

Unlike VPNs, DSLRoot is a residential-based network and what it does is protects your IP address from one of those third-party sites you had searched for. So even if they end up spying on your online activity, your original IP address won't be revealed to them. 

And how does it all happen? Of course, because of DSLRoot, as it goes ahead and disguises your IP as one of the US residencies (that you can manually choose from 70 locations that are present worldwide).

DSLRoot provides you with a unique IP address that increases your production flow and helps you receive the best results- especially if you take a regular VPN and compare it with DSLRoot. Needless to say, VPN won’t survive long.

We all know how tedious Internet activity could get- It can make or break one’s life in a blink of an eye. So having a reliable platform that is safe and efficient in the way it works is essential. And DSLRoot has proven it time and time again.

We’ll conclude the review on one last note due to DSLRoot anonymous technicality- no matter how many websites you have visited, no hacker in this world could track your original IP. If that doesn’t, rest assured you, we don’t know what else would!

How to get a DSLroot Discount Code? (March 2021)

In the age where our life (quite literally) depends on the Internet, thinking of one’s safety is the first thing we all should do. And how can we do that? Easy. Just swap your VPN  with DSLRoot and add codes(if there are any at the moment), and then you are good to go! 

But before you go and claim it, know that-

DSLRoot’s Discount Code was one tough nut to crack. Despite the thorough research, there were no traces of its discount whatsoever. However, we did find one.

BHW20 offers a 20% discount on your first purchase, so out of the four plans (we’ll talk about it in just a bit), you can choose anyone that you prefer and activate the code above.

Note: This coupon code will be valid for a specific time only. However, these codes are frequently updated, so do come back later if you, by chance, get past the expiry date. 

image 18 1

The steps to do so are as follows:-

  1. Go to DSLRoot
  2. Click on the “buy now” option on the top-right side (or bottom-left if you’re using a phone).
image 17
  1. Select your desirable plan, and further, click on buy now.
  1. There will be three payment options- Skype, Email, and Telegram.
image 16
  1. Choose whatever medium that you prefer.

You can reach out to them via live support chat OR through technical support in case of any queries.

image 15

DSLRoot: Subscription Plans

Before committing to any subscription plan, you can try it out for free for about one Hour and get access to 2 Locations. 

Also, note that all the subscription plans mentioned below offer unlimited locations to choose from- 

  • The subscription for 7 Days is $50.
image 14
  • The subscription for 1 Month is $190.
image 13
  • The subscription for 6 Months is $990.
image 12
  • The subscription for 12 Months is $1750.
image 11

What are some of the standard methods that offer Discount codes?

Ugh, that serotonin rush- when you go shopping and your favorite brand has a discount on it? 

BUT if you’re living in some alternate universe and don’t know what Discount is (however, ignorance is bliss. No big deal), then keep reading.

Discount codes are nothing but the reduced prices on products by activating specific codes. So let us take a look at some of the common Discount Methods, which are as follows:-

  • Fixed dollar Discount

This discount is a set price on any product. For, e.g., Buy 3 shirts and get one free.

OR $20 off for any $100 product.

  • Percent Discount

This discount applies to any purchase you make (minus the shipping charges). For, e.g., Let’s say a product’s original cost is $500 then according to the percent discount (let's consider it as 20%), so now, you will get 20% off on that $500 product.

  • Free Shipping

As the name suggests, your shipping charges are canceled. For, e.g., While shopping on Amazon, you may have noticed that if your purchase extends a certain amount, they ship the product to you for free (minus the delivery charges).

  • Limited availability

This discount depends on the type of promotion and also the time period. Using the discount code as much as possible is always a striving point.  However, their main motive is always to promote the Brand.

  • Time Frame

These kinds of discounts are always used under a specific time span. So the expiry date might be a week after you have bought it- and in some cases, there are instructions about its validity as well. For e.g., The number of times you can use the same code.

DSLRoot: Benefits and Features

Using DSLRoot has its perks (we have mentioned some of them below) so, keep reading it.

  • Worldwide IP

The LTE IP provides you access to about 70 locations, so now, you can safely surf the internet as if you’re present at the original IP residence. 

Finally, the crippling feeling of someone spying on your every move, either through your online activity or, in some cases, through your webcam too. (chills)

  • Simple Installation Process

The installation process is a no-brainer. As soon as you select the plan and sign up with your details, you are good to go!

  • Speed Efficiency

DSLRoot has the best speed that gives you seamless access to all the websites with no buffering whatsoever. Even the most remote lines have great speed. It’s almost as good as a thunderbolt.

  • Fast change of IP

With just one click, your IP would be swapped with one of the US residential IPs, and that too without any hassle. Also, note that IPs never repeat themselves.

  • Reasonable rates

All the subscription plans provided by DSLRoot are at reasonable rates, as it offers such a unique network with unlimited locations (with some sollars off). 

However, if you’re still contemplating whether you want to purchase the subscription, then simply try out the free trial for about an hour, and get access to two locations.

  • Customer Support

Due to the excellent customer service at your feet 24/7, you can contact their office in case of any issue, and their team will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Their team is in such sync when it comes to the work, hence, leaving no place for any complaints from your end.


For some reason, Discounts just make everyone so happy! 

Irrespective of your budget, if you’re getting even a 2% Discount for the same product, you would opt for that. Won’t you? Especially if you’re getting that discount for something essential in your daily life. 

In the article above, we have talked about that “essential” thing (DSLRoot) and how to avail of its discount. 

We hope our article was helpful. But in case of any queries or feedback… Do mention it in the comment section below. And our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Does DSLRoot offer any free trial?

Yes! DSLRoot does offer a free trial for about an hour and gives limited access to 2 locations.

What is the difference between DSLRoot and normal VPN?

Normal VPNs offer data-based IP addresses, whereas DSLRoot is a residential-based IP address. Where visited sites could easily track your original IP address, DSLRoot protects them by disguising your location as one of US residences.

I am facing issues while using the software. What shall I do now?

You should immediately contact the DSLRoot support team, and they will provide you with step-by-step guidance to resolve your issue

What are some benefits of using DSLRoot in comparison to other servers?

Unlike other servers, DSLRoot gives you access to endless locations, and its search result is also much much better

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