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We’re always on the lookout for maximum profits, no matter the amount. Brazy Kicks is one of the top proxies providers in the sneaker copping industry. We know you cannot wait to put your hands on those big brands of sneakers. Let us guide you on how to. 

The need for the fastest possible proxies is inevitable. Brazy Kicks indeed delivers that. They provide you just the right accessories to grab the sneakers you want.  

Although the website’s pricing is pretty affordable for most of us, there’s a way for you to grab additional discounts. Many coupon codes can be used on Brazy Kicks to avail discounts. Let us discuss how. 

Working Brazy Kicks Coupon Codes in 2021

We’ve curated and gathered some coupon codes for you. All of these codes are verified. Let us take a look at what those codes are.

15% discount coupon codes

The below coupon codes will give you a discount of 15% on your final purchase order. 

  1. h0se_69
  2. wavvy15
  3. delaines15
  4. BrazyXFlokosti

10% discount coupon codes

Yikes! Have the 15% discount coupon codes been used up already? There’s no need to worry, grab the next best discount, that is 10%!

  1. YEEZY
  3. taskforcecam

5% discount coupon codes

If you missed the 15% and 10% discounts, there’s no need to worry. There are also coupons for a 5% discount. 

  1. madebyerick
  2. andrew5

NOTE: These coupon codes are only valid for a specific time. They will be updated from time to time; you can come back after a few days to grab the new coupons if the codes mentioned above don’t work for you. Happy Shopping!

How to redeem Brazy Kicks coupon codes?

Step 1: Copy the codes given above. Do not change them in any way.

Step 2: Once you have copied the code, go to the Brazy Kicks website to place an order. Purchase something and go to the checkout page. 

Step 3: Once you are on the Checkout page, you will see a section to redeem your coupon code. Paste your code in that box and press Apply Coupon.

image 4

Step 4: Once you have applied the coupon, you will see a message being applied successfully. To verify, check your order’s bill to see if it has been applied.

image 3
image 3 6

And voila! You have your discount. 

Step 5: Fill out your information and place an order. 

NOTE: One thing you have to remember that you can use ONLY ONE coupon code at a time. The website won’t let you use multiple coupons at a time. 

Firstly, let us discuss what exactly Brazy Kicks is. If you’re here, you’re likely a sneakerhead, and you already have a brief idea about the website. However, we will give a brief review of the website. So before you rush into buying any plans with coupon codes, take a look at this. 

They offer you up to 5 different locations for weekly and monthly DC AiO Proxies. You can buy up to 5 datacenter proxies to cop sneakers in the industry with a minimal amount. They provide support for a residential proxy generator as well. Their websites support brands like Adidas, Nike, Shopify, Supreme, and many more.

Some of the locations include New York, Ashburn, Chicago, UK, Virginia, and Japan. The residential plans will include US/UK along with city targeting. These proxies are non-rotating. We’ve discovered that, unlike other proxies, Brazy Kicks does not resell any IPs; they own the servers. As the website contains multiple subnets, you won’t be affected by one ban. 

According to what the website states, Brazy Kicks ensures that it will not kill your profits. They offer you weekly plans, monthly plans, and residential data. The residential data plans are comparatively safer to use than datacenter proxies, as they are tougher to detect. So if you plan on buying datacenter proxies, keep your expectations reasonable. Big brands of sneakers are constantly on the lookout for bots with unusual IP addresses. So you have to be careful. Brazy Kicks does not unveil the locations of the residential IPs. The residential proxies plan does not provide you rotating proxies, and this also results in maximum speed due to motionless IPs.

The website also contains its communication channel, which is mainly through Discord. Make sure you sign up for Discord before accessing it on the website. You will find a link to this in the upper right corner of the website. It will be a purple icon. You can also look out for updates on their Twitter. Their Twitter handle is @BrazyProxies. They will make sure they clear all of your doubts. Although not having a live chat may seem like a downside, you can always contact them via Twitter DMs.

The proxies come and go in piles, so there’s a chance you may see that your desired plan is out of stock. You can choose your plan based on how often you will use them and whether your traffic needs are small or large. 

Benefits of grabbing Brazy Kicks coupon codes

The main benefit of grabbing these coupon codes is that you can avail the proxies at a discounted rate if you’re not keen on paying the total amount. The features you will receive are the same. 

What benefits will you get when you buy these plans?

  • The datacenter plans will grant you 5 locations. These locations have been chosen to get you the fastest speed possible.
  • You will have a speed of more than 10 Gbps on individual subnets. The number of subnets isn’t specified. All orders you purchase will be on multiple subnets. This also depends on your Internet plan.
  • If datacenters don’t do well, you can get a residential plan. The residential plans give you Pure ISP Residential ISPs. You can generate maximum proxies until you run out of your purchased data. You have to simply pick a location and the number of proxies you want.
  • The website has an excellent customer support team working on Discord and Twitter. They are quick to help you with your doubts. They are patient, and you can ask them as many questions as you like. Be sure to check both communication channels for constant updates and announcements on new features, significant discounts, etc. 
  • The authentication of these proxies can be done using your username and password. They also provide IP whitelisting authentication. 

The benefits you receive will be even more fruitful if you get a discount, right? So without further adieu, grab the coupon codes and grab your desired sneakers using these features. 


Brazy Kicks offers plans for weekly, monthly and residential proxies. What does each plan offer? Let us take a look. You can buy these plans based on how often you purchase your sneakers.

Weekly Proxies

The weekly private ISPs have three different options, depending on the days. These plans are made of datacenter proxies. 

image 3 5
image 3 4
image 3 3

Monthly Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxies last for 30 days. It depends on the day you buy the plan. This plan is made of datacenter proxies as well.

image 3 2

Residential Proxies

image 3 1

NOTE: Residential Plans are offered on the basis of per GB. This plan works best for websites that DCs don’t do well on. You can generate unlimited proxies until you run out of data. These proxies are more complicated to identify than datacenter proxies, so they are certainly more beneficial for you to use. Right now, the residential proxy plan is out of stock, but the website is likely to re-stock it anytime. If you’re keen on buying this plan, be on the lookout for it.

We’ve also noticed that currently, on the purchases, you can only make payments through PayPal. There may or may not be other payment gateways in the future. 

Is Brazy Kicks worth it?

This merely depends on your traffic needs. Do the proxies match your expectations as per your budget? Regardless, we can assure you that Brazy Kicks is an open platform. And with the coupon codes, the purchase is much more fruitful. 

They also have an excellent customer support team willing to help you out whenever it’s needed. Your data is safe with them. Their proxies are fast, and they are satisfactory for a great sneaker copping experience. However, it may not be affordable in the long run. It’s a great purchase if you have more minor needs. 


Do Brazy Kicks coupon codes work forever?

No, these coupon codes are limited. They will be updated from time to time. Claim them as soon as they’re released, so you don’t miss out. 

Does Brazy Kicks give refunds?

Unfortunately no, the website clearly states that all sales are final and no refunds will be given. So think twice before purchasing a plan.

Is Brazy Kicks worth it?

Signs point to yes! Brazy Kicks is an affordable and flexible website. Even better with discounts! However, it may be expensive in the long run.

Final Thoughts 

We hope we were able to cover the information you need. We hope you got the desired discount for your kicks! Remember that these coupon codes are updated every once in a while. Be on the lookout for the latest coupon codes as we don’t want you to miss out on any discounts. Currently, we could find a maximum of 15% discounts for you. However, huge discounts are likely to roll out soon. You will have to look for those. 

We’ve given you steps for how to redeem these codes on Brazy Kicks. So without wasting any time further, claim these coupon codes as soon as possible before it expires. Also, do come back for newer coupon codes. Grab those sneakers!

Do let us know if our article could present you with enough information in the comment section.

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