Blazing SEO Proxies Review

Blazing SEO Proxies Review

In this post we have featured a detailed Blazing SEO proxies review which includes detailed insights into it.

In today’s world, proxies have become an integral part of our network system to keep it protected from lurking eyes. Cyber Crimes have taken a spike, and the people are still unaware of the capabilities of a proxy server.

A proxy server not only provides you a safe and untraced path to your website but also at the same time allows you to scrape data from the internet even if you are restricted to that region.

Blazing SEO Web Scraping Proxies Enterprise Proxy Solution 2

But finding the right proxy might be a complicated task for you and might end up putting you in a puzzle. Don’t worry, and I am here to assist you in your Proxy shopping. I will share my experience with the Blazing SEO proxies to neutralize all your queries about it.

In this article, we provide you with an in-depth review of Blazing SEO that includes its main features, pricing, setup and other major parts. By the time you read this article, you would be fully aware of Blazing and its fantastic service.

Read on to know whether Blazing SEO is the most reliable or you need to try something else.

Blazing SEO Proxies: Complete Overview


Blazing SEO is not just an ordinary proxy provider but it also offers OCR captcha solving services along with archive org scraper. It offers rotating and residential proxies that are hosted on dedicated servers. 

Blazing SEO offers five different types of proxies with customizable plans. The running servers use only 20-30% CPU and RAM and offer you 1Gbps speed on every dedicated server.

Real People. Real Proxies. We Are Blazing SEO.

They also set up a custom API which automatically replaces proxies. This way, you can set it up on GSA SER to spontaneously get proxies at certain intervals. With no software restrictions, Blazing SEO allows unlimited bandwidth on all purchases. 

Features Of Blazing SEO Proxies

Proxies for eCommerce Data Extraction Blazing SEO

Blazing proxies are some of the rapidly budding proxies in the proxy market. Many Web developers, Web Scrapers, Social media managers have chosen Blazing Proxies to be their first choice because of the value proposition it delivers to its customer.

Datacenter Proxies Blazing SEO Most Trusted Proxy

Below we have mentioned some of the critical features of Blazing proxies that make it stand out from other proxies in the market:

  • Diverse proxy types: Blazing proxies provide diversity on their proxy types, enabling them to select the right one for them. They have managed and configured proxies according to the client’s use so that they make use of proxies to the fullest. The types of proxies they offer are:
  1. Rotating Proxies.
  2. Semi-dedicated Proxies.
  3. Dedicated Proxies.
  4. ShopifyProxies.
  5. Sneaker Proxies.
  • Unlimited Threads and limitations: Blazing SEO enables its client to use proxies without any limit so that the client can surf on his desired website for his desired time without being caught.
  • HTTP/ HTTPS/ SOCKS protocol supported: Unlike other proxy providers, where you do not get the support of SOCKS and HTTPS protocol Blazing SEO took a step forward and added everything to complete the incomplete and appended HTTPS and SOCKS protocol.
  • Fast speed: Blazing SEO provides its customers with an undemanding speed of 1GBPS, which is very fast for all kinds of tasks like streaming videos, Social media management, etc.
  • Automatic and instant delivery: Blazing SEO makes sure and guarantees your delivery of all its service according to the plan you have selected within a few months of your payment.
  • Country choice: Blazing SEO provides a selection of countries like the USA, India, Germany, Brazil, the UK, Australia, Vietnam, and Japan. 
  • Affiliate Program: With this program, Blazing helps you earn money by referring to Blazing SEO with your friends and colleagues.
  • Authorization: Blazing SEO gives you two options for user authorization that is User: Password authentication and IP whitelisting. 
  • Responsive Customer service: Blazing SEO is always on standby to its customer support. With its fast and responsive Email and LIve chat support, one can get assistance within an hour or quickly.
  • 2-days Trial: Blazing SEO gives its client a 2-days paid trial where if you are not satisfied with the services that Blazing offers, you can demand a refund within 2 days of your payment.

How does Blazing SEO Proxies work?

In a computer network, the primary task of a proxy server application or an appliance is to act as an intermediary between you and the web source. The proxy server is the mediator between you and the web source makes a request for you from the source by making you anonymous and masking your IP.

Proxies For SEO Monitoring Blazing SEO Proxies

This is precisely what Blazing SEO does. It becomes a barrier or filter between your internal network and the Web server’s external network. Blazing SEO impersonates an authentic IP from a pool of numerous IPs. It makes requests for you by giving you access to your desired website and maintaining your network’s safety.

How are proxies used for SEO

This is only a part of Blazing SEO’s functionality. It does more than just making an anonymous request for you and masking your IP. Instead, it works as a filter and offers you shared network connections. It also uses cache data to maximize your browsing speed.

Blazing SEO Proxies Performance Test:

To examine the capabilities of Blazing SEO, we ran a few tests to see how good it is. To be honest, the results we got were astonishing.

We then compared the test outcomes with the conventional test scripts, and we came down to the conclusion that Blazing SEO is not less than any other premium proxies. It didn’t have any blemish during the tests and was always giving it’s best in every parameter. 

For the test, we used two packages, namely USA rotating and USA Dedicated. Breaking down the test results, I have mentioned everything in detail.

  • Blazing SEO Connection(Atlanta)- PING: 187 ms, DOWNLOAD: 11.16, UPLOAD: 2.81 [MBPS].
  • Blazing SEO Connection(Los Angeles)- PING: 192 ms, DOWNLOAD: 7.6, UPLOAD:9.45 [MBPS].
  • Blazing SEO Connection(Atlanta)PING: 217 ms, DOWNLOAD: 21.75, UPLOAD: 4.77 [MBPS].

How To Get Started With Blazing SEO?

How To Get Started With Blazing SEO?

The Registration Process.

To get started with Blazing, SEO is a straightforward task. Users can get started using these simple steps.

Step 1. Type on your browser and visit their official website.

Step 2.  Create a new account by signing up or if you have one, login with your ID.

Elite Private Proxy

Step 3. Once you logged in, choose a suitable plan or paid trial.

Step 4. Specify the number of ports you want and that you are going to be getting the amount you need to pay for your plan according to the number of plans you buy.

Step 5. Now you'll be redirected to the payment page. 

Accepted Payment Methods

After the payment, your dashboard will open. Here you can manage and start the service.

Setup Guide

Setting up these proxies is a hassle-free task and can be performed in a fraction of time. Once you have landed on Blazing’s official page, select your desired proxy, and make your payment.

Once done with the payment, you will be redirected to Blazing’s dashboard where you can navigate yourself through the entire proxy system. You can log in to your proxy by entering Username: pass or whitelisting your IP.

Once all the steps are done you can immediately select your IP and start enjoying the services.

The dashboard of Blazing

Blazing SEO always looks forward to adding more features on its dashboard to make it more convenient for its users. The panel is so descriptive that it can determine the entire state of your proxy at one glance. The functionalities that Blazing dashboard provides are:

  • Upgrade your existing plans and buy new ones.
  • Manage subscriptions.
  • Proxy replacements.
  • Location Preferences.
  • Proxy settings.
  • Montirization of threads and traffic.
  • Let you know your authorization type.
  • Whitelist IP.
  • User: Password authentication.

One thing that we like about Blazing is that If your proxies are running low, you can use a feature called ‘Proxy Tester.’ The tester allows you to test your proxy. You just have to enter your E-mail and Key (key would be provided). After logging in, it will let you know if your proxies are working okay.

The Proxies Offered By Blazing SEO

As of now, you already got familiar with Key features and benefits of blazing SEO. Now, you’ll know every principal value of Blazing that contributes to its constant growth and gives it an uplift in the market.

Blazing SEO offers five different kind of proxies such as:

  • Rotating Proxies: These kinds of proxies change your IP address after every particular set of times, maintaining your anonymity. These are considered the most secure and safe types of proxies.
  • Semi-dedicated Proxies: In these types of proxies, you will be sharing the same IP address with other users. This type of proxy is far better than free proxies.
  • Dedicated Proxies: These kinds of proxies are only meant for a single user. It is much more like private proxies.
  • Shopify Proxies: These proxies are intended for online shopping and creating your brand.
  • Sneaker Proxies: These sorts of the webserver of proxies allow you to make your purchase for your favorite pair of proxies and are the best for sneakerheads.

The feature that Blazing SEO provides is non-negotiable and so convenient for any kind of task on the internet. Blazing has always been appending elements for the betterment of its services for its client. Below we are briefly describing all the features of your better understanding.

  • Rotating proxies: These proxies are considered to be the most secure kind of proxies. The reason behind its maintaining anonymity is that it continually keeps on changing your IP after every specific interval of time. So one can easily surf on any website he wishes to without being worried about being flagged or banned from the page. No website can even track your session time because until they do, you would be shifted to another authentic IP.

Why Should You Choose Blazing SEO Proxies?

  • No bandwidth limitation: Blazing SEO offers you unmetered bandwidth that allows you to browse coveted websites as much as you want without bothering about being flagged or outlawed. You can spend as much as the time you wish to and make as much as the requests you wish to.
  • User Authorization: Blazing proxy understands maintaining user credibility and user-privacy. They offer you two user-authentication techniques that are common and easy to remember. The two types of authentication techniques are:
  1. IP whitelisting.
  2. User: Password authentication.
  • Affiliate Program: Apart from selling proxies Blazing SEO also allows its clients to generate extra revenue through the Affiliate program. Blazing SEO being customer-centric, allows its customers to earn money by just referring Blazing SEO to your friends or mates. The blazing Affiliate program gives you 15% over each referral.
  • Affordable pricing: Price is an important consideration whenever you’re purchasing proxies. Some providers promise to provide high-quality proxies but charge exorbitant prices. On buying from them, you realize that their services are not as good as mentioned. Blazing SEO provides its proxies at a very affordable and non-negotiable price point and its quality and meaningful services.
  • Proxy replacements: Blazing SEO grants you with a benefit to replace your proxies once every month. This means that if you purchase ten proxies from Blazing SEO, you can return the ten proxies with ten newer ones, once every month. With this peculiarity, Blazing SEO makes it more intimidating for their customers to get proxies from them.
  • Trial period: Blazing SEO provides a trial period of 48 hours to test the proxies of Blazing on all grounds without any limitations. The trail is only valid when you buy any proxy service from Blazing, and when you are not satisfied with the services that are being served by Blazing, you can quickly request a refund.
  • Customer support team: One place where Blazing SEO has given more than 100% is the Customer support team. The support team plays a vital role in the technical field. Blazing SEO has handpicked all of its trained professional engineers and developers to help the client directly through live chat or email.
  • Blazing Speed: Whether you go for their proxy services or rent a server with them, Blazing claims to have 1GBPS of lightning-fast speed without any constraints. The bandwidth is smoothly unmetered, and it helps you to boost your performance.

Is Blazing SEO Proxies safe to use?

Talking about safety, Blazing SEO follows all the three core principles of Information Security. If you're using Rotating proxies, your IP will be replaced every 5 minutes. That means, your IP address will go anonymous and no one can hack your system.

Same goes with the web server. The particular website that you're using can't trace your session timing and requests. So you can use that website without being caught.

Does Blazing Seo Offer a Free Trial?

Elite Private 1

Unfortunately, Blazing SEO does not offer any free trial but it does offer a 2-day paid trial. In this period, you can try proxies to its fullest with every feature. If you're not happy with the service, you can request for a refund within 48 hours of purchase.

Plans and Pricing


It would be an outrage for Blazing Proxy if I would not address its prices and plans. Even though providing the best service and features, Blazing has its price non-negotiable. With all the security, Customer Support, and all kinds of Proxies, one cannot criticize its price. I have done a tear-down of the plans and their pricing for your help. Don't forget to use our blazing proxies promo code before upgrading package

  • Semi-dedicated proxies: 0.50$
  • Dedicated proxies: 1.20$
  • Rotating Proxies: 2.20$
  • Blazing Proxies also offer you to order proxies in bulk at once. You can get the exact value for your proxy on the website calculator itself.

Blazing offers proxy services at four different tenures that are :

  1. 1 Month.
  2. 3 Month(5% off).
  3. 6 Months(15% off).
  4. 12 Months(20% off).

The most affordable and pocket-friendly plan would be a 12 Month plan because of the discount you are earning.

Does Blazing SEO Proxies Offer Refunds?

There is no refund after trial, for lack of usage or disappointment with the proxy provided services. However, if you consider you are qualified for a refund due to a unique event, you may submit a refund application to the customer’s assistance team.

Though you can request a refund from Blazing if you are not convinced with Blazing’s services, the Blazing Customer support team is super active and will do the needful for you.

Blazing SEO Customer Support

Contact Us Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO doesn't seem very robust when it comes to customer support but it does its job very well compared to others. The support staff is available 24/7×365. They'll help you overcome any issue you encounter. All you have to do is just apply for a ticket by attaching files that create issues. They will respond within a few hours.

They got a team professional and experts that will discuss your issues with proxy services. You can also check out their FAQ section from their Customer Support page, where you can get all the answers you need regarding your common issues. And also you can follow their social media handles for future updates. 

Overall, the customer support is responsive. But you have to be patient to get a response.  

Is Blazing SEO legal?

Using a proxy server is not illegal. It has different uses such as enabling remote work, setting support for outside customers, and protecting networks. People also use it to open restricted content and streaming services. 

Some websites offer their contents to their paid users or persons with a license. So people try to use proxies to get access to these websites without any paid license which is considered illegal. 

Same goes with the Blazing SEO. You can use their proxy services for legal use. The company won't be responsible, if anyone tries to get access to such kind of paid content. 


  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Numerous subnets.
  • IP authentications.
  • 2-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Specific Proxy Packages
  • Decent Customer Support
  • Available in major countries
  • Unmetered Bandwidth and Sessions
  • HTTPs and SOCKS Protocol 
  • Effective User-Interface
  • Untraceable Rotating Proxies
  • High Download and Upload Speed


  • Limited Payment option on Credit card Payments.

Final Verdict: 

We've used multiple Blazing proxies for testing. The control panel and setup is very easy. You can choose mixed cities to get a new non-sequential IP address every 5 minutes. 

The proxies are incredibly fast with a 99.99% uptime rate. With Blazing SEO, you not just get dedicated proxy servers but also rotating proxies with a protected tunnel to your system. If you're a beginner, you can try their 2-day paid plan (which is refundable) to check all the proxy services they are providing.

If you like this post, feel free to share your thoughts about Blazing SEO proxies. 

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